31 Fabulous Photos Taken at Just the Right Moment

5 years ago

Some people believe that everything happens for a reason and all the things around us play a certain role in our lives. If that’s the case, then this time, the Universe thought that there are not enough cool photos on the internet because that seems like the only explanation for these unbelievable photos.

It took us a long time at Bright Side to understand how it was possible to take these pictures. Now, it’s your turn to guess.

When the angle and the timing are perfect:

The Great Cover Up at the perfect time

Best friends!

An epic seagull

“Pretty sure this is some sort of astronomical phenomenon...”

“Tried to take a picture of the sunset while driving and a bird totally ruined my shot.”

This looks like some kind of a postapocalyptic movie poster:

“My boyfriend snapped a picture of me just as this seagull took flight.”

How is this even possible?

When you are trying to take a beautiful shot but the wave has other plans:

The best photo frame

The longest cat in the world

The moment when you are happy you decided to take a wide shot from a distance:

The paths of these planes

“Was taking a photo of my peanut butter and caught my toast mid-pop.”


This is what happens when you are too competitive:

The perfect moment to fall

We are not even sure who feels more awkward now...

“I was going for the shoes.”

A dolphin shows an Albatross how to get some air

“Lightning struck as I took a picture.”

The exact moment the chicken stole her ice cream

“This frog jumped off my friend’s head with the most perfect form.”

An airplane reflection on a cloud surrounded by a rainbow

So, ships can fly after all!

It looks like they are trying to compete...

This whale is feeling creative:

The birds made this picture perfect!

“These 2 signs kind of look like they’re warning of UFOs beaming people up.”

This reflection:

Have you ever photographed something that you couldn’t believe later? Share your photos in the comments section below.

Preview photo credit poplyft, imgur


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Don't buy the lightning "photo" either. You're not driving along and suddenly decide to take a photo for no reason. I'd say it was a still taken from video.


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