6 Reasons Why Eating Together as a Family Is Better for Kids

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2 years ago

Most of us remember those movies where the perfect families eat breakfast together. Turns out we should do this too and not because it used to be an old tradition. In fact, eating together has multiple benefits for kids. A family meal can fix almost anything (maybe not straight away, but it will definitely bring them benefits later).

Bright Side explains why eating food together is more than just the simple act of consuming food.

1. They learn good manners.

Children mimic their parents’ behavior when eating together. Parents can make use of the opportunity to show how to behave correctly while having a meal. Besides, social and communication skills can also be taught through family meals.

2. They do better at school.

Kids who eat with their parents get better grades than those who eat alone. This is probably because the meals that parents serve have more nutritional value and, consequently, provide more vitamins. What’s more, the discussion of problems at school encourages children to handle problems more efficiently and appropriately.

3. They eat healthy food.

As a rule, eating together leads to healthier food choices. Eating away from home, on the other hand, promotes worse eating habits. Kids who eat healthy and nutritious dishes around their parents are less likely to be obese in their teenage years.

4. They open up more.

comfortable and cozy family gathering helps children and teens talk about their feelings more openly. One study found that young people experienced better parental communication while having a meal with their parents. Each member shares a bit of their life, thus creating a stronger family bond.

5. Their self-esteem improves.

Eating together creates a sense of belonging. Focusing on the conversation and eating mindfully can significantly cheer kids up. It also boosts their self-esteem because of the social engagement that many children and adolescents need. Teenagers end up being less depressed, as it’s easier to open up while sharing food with their nearest and dearest.

6. They become more self-sufficient.

Parents can get their children involved in the meal preparation. Going grocery shopping, planning meals, or cooking them is a great way to teach your kids to be more independent. In addition, it will help them be more careful with money and allow them to learn about which types of food they should choose.

How often do you have meals with your kids? What do you talk about while enjoying a meal together?


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