6 Short Ads That Stir Up a Rush of Emotions

4 years ago

Very few of us like watching commercials. However, sometimes there is an exception to the rule when videos are produced by real professionals and they’ve come up with real masterpieces. You won’t even notice what type of goods or what service you are being offered because the plot of these ads might take your breath away.

Bright Side has looked through many amazing ads and has gone through almost as many boxes of tissues in order to select the most emotional commercials for you.

1. My son

The commercials from IKEA are always based on touching family stories. For example, in France, they came up with the video where a mother is making purchases with her little boy, but he’s behaving like an adult. The unexpected ending of the story will be close to all parent’s hearts.

2. We know how precious every minute is.

An insurance company from South Africa has made a sentimental video about an ordinary mother who is snowed under a bunch of house chores and who doesn’t have enough time to accomplish all her tasks. However, her son finds an unusual way to save her time so that his mother can come to watch the play he’s in.

3. An unexpected friendship

This Philippine telecommunications company is known for producing touching videos filled with warmth and care instead of direct advertising of its services. For example, the story above shows a lonely old man who finds a dog and starts taking care of it. However, soon he finds out that there is someone looking for this missing dog. He decides to give his new friend to his previous owners and this action changes his life, too.

4. Date

Here’s another touching story from the Philippines that was made by a catering company whose videos have already touched the hearts of millions of people around the world. The ad shows us a little boy who is preparing a festive dinner for his mom on Valentine’s Day. The son follows all the instructions from his dad on the phone, and it’s not until the very end that we find out why.

5. The man from the line

This is, perhaps, one of the most emotional and world-famous commercials that was made by an international financial company. It shows us a girl who wants to buy a cake for her granddad’s birthday but can’t afford it. A stranger decides to make her wish come true having remembered that one day an unfamiliar passer-by presented him a festive treat that he didn’t have money for.

2 similar stories are united by a note that a stranger writes to a little boy whose mom couldn’t afford a cake. When he grows up he gives the same note to a little girl. This note says, “A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple” and we learn about the original author of these words at the very end of the video.

6. Not without you

A telecom company from Estonia made a good video about a sister and brother who could not be with each other for Christmas. When the elder brother returns home, he finds that his inventive sister has come up with an original way to create a holiday mood even though it’s now spring outside.

Which of these commercials touched your heart the most? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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Hmm.. it's like watching Free Willy or Notebook concentrated in 2 min!!

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