6 Stylist Tricks to Make You Appear Taller​

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9 months ago

There isn’t a single girl who doesn’t want to be stylish, but, unfortunately, not all fashion trends go well with all types of heights and figures. That’s why when one woman wears fashionable clothes like they were made for her, another lady may find herself literally ’shortened’ by them with undesirable added volume to boot.

We at Bright Side will show you how to avoid such mishaps. Here are six simple ways to appear taller and slimmer.

Pick the ’right’ shoes and accessories

The easiest way to become taller is with high heels. The color of your shoes is also of great importance: any neutral-colored footwear will make your legs seem longer, while black shoes, especially those with high lacing, will make your legs look shorter instead.

In our example, you can also see that you shouldn’t wear accessories that ’cut’ your image in a horizontal line, like the now-trendy choker which makes your neck look thicker and your whole body a little stocky.

Be careful with striped prints

From this example, you can see that you shouldn’t wear the currently fashionable striped clothes without careful thought. Horizontal stripes add volume, while the incorrect combination of this print and a knee-length skirt will make you look about an inch shorter. A striped top with a monotone midi-skirt, on the contrary, will ’lengthen’ your shape.

Choose jeans and bags according to your height

If you are of a smaller height and wear shortened jeans, they can make you even smaller. Combine such jeans with high-heeled shoes and a crop top. High-waist jeans may also help you adjust your height and look taller. Vertical line accents will add to the effect — for example, pant stripes will lengthen your legs.

Pay special attention to the size of your bag. The best choice for petite ladies is a small bag of no more than ten inches in width. A fashionable shopper bag will make your image heavier.

Try palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are a great way to conceal high heels or platform shoes while still making your legs much longer and making you look taller. Try choosing calm and simple single-tone styles. A shortened top with high-waist pants is a combination that has been fashionable for many seasons. This trick will maintain your upper and lower body proportions and make your legs look longer. If you’ve chosen a sweater or a blouse, you could wear a thin belt or, like in our example, tuck it into the pants.

Don’t disregard pencil skirts

Pencil skirts should be noted in particular: they make you look much slimmer and taller. If you don’t have a short top, a white shirt or blouse will help you, so always have one at hand. In our case, it should be tucked inside the skirt, which will make you look significantly slimmer.

Wear shirtdresses correctly

A shirtdress has an interesting design and goes well with almost any kind of figure. However, petite girls may find it looks awkward on them, as though it was made for a person of greater height. It also can give you some excess volume in the waist. This is easily adjusted, though: just apply a belt and roll up your sleeves. The perfect sleeve length for petite girls is 3/4. In addition, try choosing a single-tone shirtdress.


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