14 Tips to Help You Look Absolutely Perfect in Photos

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10 months ago

We here at Bright Side are convinced that there are no ugly people in our world, and everyone can shine like a star. All you need is to learn a couple of basic poses. Try, and you’ll surely succeed!

The ’hands on hips’ pose visually enlarges your body and looks aggressive. Draw your elbows back, show your beautiful nails, and turn your head a bit — intrigue will replace aggression.

Don’t squeeze your waist — it creates additional folds on your clothes, and they might not look as good as you expected.

Keep an eye on the position of your hands — it should be natural. Avoid flat and tensed hands, as well as elbows looking in the direction of the camera. And remember that your wrists should be free and flexible.

A light, almost accidental touch to your cheek with your fingertips and a slightly opened mouth make your image more attractive. The main thing is not to touch too hard because it may create a ’painful tooth’ effect.

Yes, the arms should be free, but don’t let them just hang along the body. Put one hand on the waist and slightly bow your head to one side -this way you’ll emphasize all the advantages of your body, including a beautiful face profile.

Don’t make your eyes bug. A languishing look and beautiful lips always look good. And if you turn your head a little, touch your face with your fingertips (remember the wrist position), and slightly open your mouth, you will look delicate and feminine.

Don’t squinch your eyes. Your natural eye shape is the most beautiful.

Don’t hide your face behind your hands. It’s better to follow the example on the right picture.

Use your accents correctly. For example, it’s better to show the beauty of your waistline rather than your stomach. It’s also important that the pose you take isn’t closed — it looks tense and not very attractive.

A sullen look makes your lips disproportionately big, and the image looks unfriendly. It’s better to look right in the camera, with your body slightly turned. You can try different arm positions.

Unless you are the spouse of an African tribal chief with lots of rings on your neck, it’s not necessary to raise your chin.

Hands should always be relaxed. Just compare these two photos, and you’ll understand why.

When taking a full-length picture, there’s no use in artificially breaking the vertical line. Remember: no sit-ups or other body movements that make your posture look tense and unnatural.

Here’s a little secret for full-length pictures: the bends of your body should be similar to the letter ’S.’ It’s better to shift the body weight on one foot and make your arms look relaxed. The chin should be slightly raised.

Model: Valeria Shebanets


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