6 Unusual Ways Your Body Warns You Something May Be Wrong

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Usually we don’t worry about our health until something starts to bother us. Although even the healthiest people can experience occasional discomfort, there are some body signals we shouldn’t ignore. While it’s important to seek professional help if something is concerning you, it’s also worthy to pay attention to the ways your body is trying to let you know something might be wrong.

1. Your stools are floating.

Although stools normally sink in the toilet, there are certain changes in your body that may cause your stools to float. Some foods you are eating might lead to gas in your stools, preventing them from sinking. Floating stools aren’t usually something to be worried about, but you might want to cut down on foods like beans, milk or apples because they can cause gas.

2. Your eyes are always dry.

Your eyes might be dry and itchy if you’re spending too much time staring at your phone or computer screen. But if you notice extreme dryness in your eyes and mouth, it might be a sign of inflammation. Chronic eye dryness might be caused by infection in the tear-secreting glands that produce tears and saliva.

3. You always feel cold.

As the weather outside gets colder, it’s totally understandable that we want to turn on the heat in the house. But if you find yourself often searching for a blanket to cover up, it might be a sign of low thyroid production. Because low levels of thyroid hormones cause your metabolism to slow down, it might make you feel cold even in a warm room.

4. Your hair is falling out.

While it’s perfectly normal to lose some hair throughout the day, if you suddenly notice lots of hair on your brush, it could be a sign your body is lacking iron. If you’re not getting enough iron through your diet, it might affect your body in many ways, including hair shedding. Try eating more iron rich foods, such as red meat, nuts and dried apricots to make sure you get the iron you need.

5. Your teeth are too sensitive.

Your teeth might be sensitive to overly hot or cold foods, but it also might be a sign of gut problems. Dental erosion and teeth sensitivity may indicate acid reflux. Acid can damage the protective layer of your tooth enamel, but if your dentist identifies the issue early, it can easily be treated.

6. You’re thirsty all the time.

Drinking enough water is vital for our health, but if you’re constantly feeling thirsty, it might be a symptom of diabetes. Because diabetes causes glucose to build up in the blood, your kidneys work harder, which in turn leads to increased urination and thirst.

Have you ever noticed any of these signs? Do you know any other ways the body might be telling us something might be wrong?


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