7 Psychological Tricks for Making a Lasting Impression on Your Boss

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3 years ago

Many people would like to be the boss’s favorite. However, winning their heart might not always go smoothly. But thankfully, there are simple tricks, like nodding the head or placing your feet on the ground, that will help you make a good impression on them.

We at Bright Side believe that if you persuade your boss to like you, it means you’re one step closer to a promotion. That’s why we decided to share these 7 tricks with you.

1. Don’t be afraid to give your opinion.

Disagreeing with your boss is not always a bad idea. Sometimes it can even make you more valuable in their eyes and they’ll appreciate your honesty and dedication. However, the disagreement should not be personal in nature and should be in the best interest of the team. Be straightforward in what you believe, but always make sure the disagreement comes across as a logical approach to the problem.

2. Keep your feet on the ground.

When you’re in a meeting with your boss, try not to sit with your legs crossed. Having your feet planted on the ground can help you come up with answers to highly complex questions easier. This trick can also help you go between rational and creative thoughts, which can be one more reason for your boss to think highly of you.

3. Ask your boss for advice, not their opinion.

According to a psychologist, when you ask your boss for their opinion, they will become an objective evaluator. But asking them for advice will create an atmosphere of partnership that will encourage them to be more supportive of your decisions and ideas.

4. When you try to make a point, nod.

If you want your boss to agree on something with you, smile, maintain eye contact, and nod your head while delivering your statement. This combination of body language can have a hypnotic effect on your boss, which will make them nod their head in conformation to your statement.

5. Make smart small talk.

No one wants to talk about work 24/7, not even your boss. So, if you are in a situation where you must make small talk with your boss, ask them something about their hobbies or interests instead of work-related questions.

6. Own your mistakes.

If you make a mistake, don’t try to hide it from your boss or blame others for it. Acknowledge your mistake and let your boss know how you dealt with your misstep. They will respect you much more if they hear it from you rather than other employees, or even worse, from clients. Telling the truth will help you build a trustworthy bond with them, which will put you higher on your pedestal.

7. Have several solutions to a problem.

Bosses can sometimes be anxious because they’re not able to solve problems the way they used to years before their current leadership role. So when you bring your boss only one solution to a problem, you are unintentionally increasing their fear of losing control.

But when you bring 2 or 3 solutions and let them chose between them, they’ll feel like they’re making a significant contribution in solving the problem. They won’t feel like they’re being forced to choose something they don’t want to and won’t act all defensive on you.

What tricks do you use to get your boss’s attention? Share them with us in the comments below.


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