7 Things You Should Discuss With Your Partner Before Moving in Together

4 years ago

Moving in with your partner is an exciting new phase in your life and it’s a big step that can even boost your emotional health. But are you prepared for it? There are some important aspects that should be taken into consideration if you want to make the move successful and long-lasting.

We at Bright Side believe in dreamy romantic relationships and we want to make sure that living together as a couple will be a nice experience for you. Here are some topics you should discuss with your significant other before packing your bags.

1. Long-term expectations

Before moving in together, you should talk to your partner about your long-term plans to see if you’re on the same page with each other. Even if you feel it’s a little bit too early for this, it’s essential to know what both of you desire and expect from your relationship in order to avoid later issues. In other words, you should ask yourself questions regarding a larger goal such as planning on getting married or eventually having children.

2. Money

Finances are one of the most important issues to discuss before sharing a nest. Although it might seem like a delicate conversation, the “money talk” should happen in advance so that you can avoid big areas of disagreement and common arguments that could lead to being heartbroken and bankrupt.

It’s essential to know how each of you thinks about money in terms of having a “spender” or “saver” attitude and to also decide how to split the rent, bills and shared expenses like groceries and other household necessities.

3. Household responsibilities

Unless one of you is a master chef with a passion for cleaning, you might want to take a moment to chat about dividing the daily responsibilities. Try creating a to-do list and agree on what your household roles will be. Discuss who will cook, who will wash the dishes, who will vacuum the house, and who will take care of the grocery shopping.

These may sound like silly issues to cover, but these activities take a lot of time and energy and in the long run, they can become a reason to argue if done entirely by one person.

4. Pets

Having a chat about adding a furry friend into the mix is also important. You should know your partner’s preferences before receiving an unexpected or unpleasant roommate. Maybe you’re the kind of person that grew up with a cat or a dog and finding out later that you won’t be able to get a pet again may be very disappointing to you. It could even become a deal-breaker.

If both of you are animal lovers, then it’s a match made in heaven, but don’t forget that you should still ask questions like, “Who will walk the dog?” or “Who will feed the cat?” or “Are pets allowed in bed?”

5. Guests

Moving in with your loved one also means enjoying the merging of friend groups, but having gatherings at home depends on how visitor-friendly both of you are. It may take some negotiating and compromising when hosting guests because the house is now a shared space and you should take each other’s preferences into consideration.

According to each other’s personalities and lifestyle habits, you should decide if friends and family are always welcome or if this requires some planning ahead of time.

6. Sleep

Sleeping together is one of the best things you can do with your partner because of the positive effects it can have on your relationship. A good night’s sleep next to your loved one brings emotional closeness, security, and well-being. That’s why it’s vital to share your sleeping preferences with your significant other.

Knowing from the beginning whether you’re sharing your bed with an early bird or a night owl, if they’re a fan of chilly nighttime temperatures, or if they’re someone who needs to sleep with the light on will help you take some early measures and make it work.

7. Weird or annoying habits

He might be too creative with finding new places to leave his socks every day. She might enjoy a morning chat with her plants or spending time on the toilet with the cat on her lap. We all have some weird little habits that are just parts of our personality and they’re nothing to worry about.

Moving in together involves adjustment and compromise, but it would be better to share these quirks with your partner before making this step in order to know what to expect.

What other topics should be discussed with a partner before moving in together? Which one do you consider to be the most important? Please share your ideas below!

Illustrated by Polina Chernevina for Bright Side


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