7 Women’s Makeup Tricks That Cunningly Imitate Natural Beauty

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3 years ago

There are women who look like they’ve never even heard of cosmetics and their beauty comes entirely from nature and a healthy lifestyle. However, if you look closely, it turns out that there is as much makeup in their lives as a fashion model’s, except the difference is that it’s applied so skillfully that any makeup artist would be amazed.

Bright Side found out all the subtleties of using makeup to get the perfect natural look and we’re ready to share them with you.

1. BB or CC cream instead of foundation

Several years ago, these products really shook up the cosmetics market. Their manufacturers promised the customers a makeup product and a skincare product in one bottle. And if you might argue about the nutritional and moisturizing properties of these creams, there is no denying that they do an amazing job of toning your skin.

Of course, they won’t be able to disguise acne and pigment spots, but if you don’t have very problematic skin, there is no better option. The tone is even, the mask effect is absent, the skin is slightly glowing —everything is perfect.

2. Tinted balms instead of lipsticks

By now, probably every cosmetic brand has come out with its own series of nude lipstick. However, the problem with it is that even the shades closest to your natural lip color will be perfectly visible. Instead of the “natural lips” look, you will get lips with distinctly noticeable lipstick of a natural shade. And it’s not about the quality of cosmetics.

To make the painted lips look more natural, start using tinted lip balms. This way, you will get an absolutely natural color and texture, moisturize your lips, and save a lot of money. Color lip balms are 3-4 times cheaper than over-advertised lipsticks.

3. Brown mascara

Black mascara stands out too much on some women and it ends up distracting attention from the eyes. If you have soft facial features, try experimenting with a brown shade of mascara. It is not very different from the usual black color, but it looks much more tender.

You shouldn’t necessarily stop using black mascara completely. You can put in on when you wear heavy makeup and choose brown mascara for everyday use.

4. Avoiding sharp contours

Women who prefer natural makeup avoid clear lines. Lip pencil and liquid eyeliner are not the most frequent guests of their cosmetic bags. Tattooed eyebrows, lips, and eyelids aren’t among their favorite procedures either.

If you want to look as if you are not wearing any makeup, try, for example, to create the effect of kissed lips: just feather the contour of a tint or balm with your finger or only apply it on the inside of your lips and also feather it. The natural color of the lips is always uneven, and it is usually paler at the edges.

When you fill in your eyebrows, do not draw sharp lines and instead try to draw in strokes. You only need to fill in the blanks and add brightness, not draw new eyebrows that are twice as thick.

5. Removing excess

For makeup to be invisible, there needs to be very little of it. And we are talking not so much about the number of cosmetic products in general, but about the quantity of each product individually.

For example, when applying mascara, try not only to remove its excess with the built-in limiter but also to blot the brush with a paper towel. This way you will add color to your eyelashes and avoid clumps.

After applying foundation, also try to dab the face with a cloth or special blotting papers. All unnecessary makeup will be absorbed, and only a thin layer will be left on the face. The same goes for lipstick: the excess should be removed.

6. Moisture, not shine

In the last couple of years, cosmetics manufacturers and media responsible for the beauty industry have been urging us to shine and glow as much as we can. This led to highlighters, lip glosses, and “wet makeup” appearing regularly on the faces of models and bloggers.

We are by no means conservatives and warmly welcome experiments and bright details in the image, but when it comes to natural beauty, these things are simply inappropriate. They do not create the effect of “glowing from the inside,” as the advertisement assures, and can be seen clearly from a distance of 3 ft.

If you have naturally dry skin, then no highlighters will give it a healthy shine. The best thing you can do is actively use moisturizers and drink plenty of water. A beautiful lip gloss can be achieved with the help of balms and oils, not a sticky glossy coating.

7. Keeping some imperfections

A woman who appreciates natural beauty will not waste her energy on futile attempts to draw a perfect face over her own. Firstly, only a thick layer of makeup can hide all the unevennesses (especially on mature skin), which does not fit in with the whole idea of natural beauty. Secondly, it’s the imperfections that create the effect of not wearing makeup.

There is not a single person in the world whose skin is impeccable. Red spots and rashes appear even on the porcelain faces of babies from time to time. However, thousands of women for some reason go out of their ways to erase the slightest signs of life from their faces.

Remember, bags under the eyes, a bright blush, freckles, pores, moles, bursting vessels near the nose — all of this is normal. This is just proof that you are an ordinary person whose life includes sleep deprivation, moments of excitement, long walks under the warm sun, or blushing from an unexpected compliment. Don’t make feverish attempts to mask it all.

What kind of makeup do you prefer to use? Do you like to use a minimal amount or do you like to use as much as you can? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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