8 Amazon Products That Will Make Your Home Smell Incredible

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What a pleasure it is to cross the threshold of your home and get enveloped in a mind-blowing scent that is relaxing and stress-relieving. Take a look at what Amazon has to offer for your personal aromatherapy sessions to fill up your rooms with your favorite fragrance. Today we selected 8 products that will make your house or apartment smell wonderful, from different kinds of diffusers to candles and sets of essential oils.

1. If you like designs inspired by nature, don’t miss this eco-friendly beeswax candle shaped like a beehive. This candle looks both rustic and innovative, and it was designed to fill your room with a brilliant light and the soft scent of honey that can last for up to 70 hours. The candle will become the center of attention in your interior, surprising your guests.

You can buy a refill for this candle separately.

Promising review: Got this as a gift from my son, and I just love it. Attractive, unique, and nice-sized, so it should last for a while. Beeswax is one of the cleanest burning waxes. Love that part too.
The bees that come with it were easy for me to put on. I just stuck them in the grooves rather than try to force them through the thick part of the wax. Looks so charming. @ZRobert


2. This essential oil diffuser doubles as a humidifier and has a mesmerizing glow that can create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. The sounds of dripping water will soothe your ears, while the light changing its colors can help you switch off your thoughts and worries. Once fully charged, the diffuser can work for more than 15 hours.

The speed of the water flow and the light brightness can be adjusted.

Promising review: This is my family’s favorite diffuser, and we have a lot. This diffuser needs to be charged before it can be used. Though once charged, it can be used without being plugged in. This makes it very easy to put in places other diffusers can’t go.
The colors are vibrant. The light’s dimmer is a wonderful addition. It makes a great nightlight. The rain is mesmerizing, and the sound is soothing.
My 9-year-old falls asleep listening to it every night. He has claimed this diffuser and asks to turn it on every night. We highly recommend this diffuser. It is amazing on so many levels. @Melissalyn


3. If you prefer diffusers of classic designs, this ceramic ultrasonic aroma oil diffuser could be the perfect choice for you. It’s whisper-quiet and, apart from filling your home with a wonderful smell, it can light it up with a fantastic glow. The diffuser has a 100 ml water capacity and can work for 3 hours at a time, giving your home a fresh, fragrant scent, while gently humidifying the air and eliminating dust and allergens.

The unit automatically turns off when the water runs out.

Promising review: Purchased this for my bedroom to diffuse some lavender to aid sleep... Really pretty design, and I love that it is ceramic, as I think the plastic ones look cheap! Lots of mist dispensed. Love the design as it is elegant and classic.
Diffuser can still be heard, but it is really quiet! The lighting options go from a continuous color change in auto mode (first press of the light button), or you can select one color that you like, just press the light button until the color you like appears.
It’s a good value for the money, as you can find similar ceramic diffusers that cost 4 times as much! Looking to order another one for my living room! @Loan


4. And this is a set of essential oils you can use with your diffuser. The set includes 6 popular smells (eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, orange, peppermint, tea tree), so you can choose the one you like the most. The dark bottles will help keep the oils fresh.

The oils are of 100% natural origin.

Promising review: Love these. I wasn’t really sure what scents I would like for a diffuser I bought, but I love how this came with a few options and they smell great. @Amazon Customer


5. This set includes everything it takes to fill your home with mind-blowing fragrance: an essential oil diffuser and 6 essential oils. This set can become a good gift for you or someone special. With the included remote control, you can easily adjust the working mode, light changing mode, and mist mode functions. The diffuser will switch off automatically when the water runs out.

The diffuser has 14 colored lights (light or dim), and you can choose a particular color or choose a color-changing mode.

Promising review: The essential oil diffuser is amazing. It looks very modern and stylish, and it’s easy to clean and easy to use. The colors can be set still or changeable.
The smells are gorgeous, and you can set it on a timer. I will be buying another one! Highly recommend. @Pixkee


6. You can also try this reed diffuser that will fill your room with a subtle vanilla scent. The diffuser is bursting with a fine fragrance made with a new formula, which means the scent will infuse your home for even longer. It looks stylish too, and doesn’t occupy much space.

The package contains 5 rattan reeds.

Promising review: I got this as a gift for my mother-in-law, and she loves the smell. She has reed diffusers around the house and this is the perfect fresh but subtle scent. @Chloe


7. Let fireworks brighten up your room with this eye-catching essential oil diffuser that imitates splashes of colors. When the lights are off, the diffuser looks like plain glass, but when you turn the lights on, the magic begins. Lights can be turned off if you prefer aromatherapy only.

The diffuser has 4 time-setting modes: 0.5 hours, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours (continuous misting mode).

Promising review: I’ve had this for a few days now, and I love it!! It is very pretty with all the changing colors, you can choose to have it in one color all the time, but I actually like to see it constantly change color.
It’s a great diffuser as well, just add your favorite essential oil to the water, and it releases a scent into the room. I have it on in the living room in the evening and take it into the bedroom when I go to bed. I’m very happy I bought this and definitely would recommend it. @Lizzy


8. Buying a scented candle is another easy way to add pleasant fragrance to your home environment. This scented tin candle is an invigorating fusion of soothing bay leaf and fresh rosemary with deep, earthy pine notes and woody accords. The candle provides a total burn time of up to 45 hours, which makes it a great value for the money.

The seller offers candles with other scents as well.

Promising review: Fresh, natural smell. Lasts ages. Was given one of these as a gift, and I loved it so much, I ordered others to be sent as Christmas gifts. Everyone loves the scent as much as I do! @MrsVfromP


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