8 Celebs Who’ve Made Peace With Their Bodies and Chose Happiness

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Nowadays, it seems more and more difficult to accept ourselves for who we are. Social media has normalized the use of editing apps and software to achieve the so-called perfect body image. But the truth is, there’s no such thing as the perfect body image. Every single body is beautiful in all its faults and forms.

We at Bright Side admire these celebrities for accepting themselves and treating their bodies with kindness. They said goodbye to toxic diet culture and can be an inspiration to their fans.

1. Ashley Graham

The stunning plus-sized model has been empowering many girls around the globe. She’s using her podcast, Pretty Big Deal, to help women accept themselves for who they are. She stopped dieting and chose to eat healthy for her own good, saying, “Nothing about me is perfect in the way that I eat, but I always try to manage it.”

2. Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence is anti-diet, as the actress shared that dieting is not for her, saying, “I can’t work on a diet. I’m standing on my feet. I need more energy.”

Also, she was once asked to drop 15 pounds in 2 weeks to fit for a role. She recalls the experience, explaining that she let them treat her that way because she thought she had to for her career.

3. Lizzo

The Grammy-winning singer encourages her community to focus on self-love more than reaching a body type. She’s a true advocate of body positivity, and we can’t get over her statement: “I detoxed my body. I love my body. I’m beautiful. To the people who look to me, please do not starve yourselves. I did not starve myself.”

4. Kirsten Dunst

When Kirsten was asked to lose weight in order to get a role, she refused immediately. She responded, “I’m eating fried chicken and McDonald’s before work. I’m sorry I can’t lose weight for this role.” And that’s the best answer she could give in order to raise awareness about the obsession with weight and body image.

5. Gigi Hadid

Our lovely Gigi Hadid faced all sorts of negativity due to her athletic body. Even her mom urged her to diet so that she could be skinny, and there was a time when she actually scolded her for eating her graduation cake. Gigi has grown a lot since then and is aware of the toxicity she was facing.

“Whoever is reading this, I want you to realize that 3 years from now you will look back at a picture from this time period and be like, ’Wow, I was so hot. Why did I feel so bad about myself because of some stupid thing someone said?’”

6. Melissa McCarthy

We can’t talk about body positivity without mentioning the beautiful Melissa McCarthy. She’s been blessing us with great movies and shows for years, but it wasn’t all roses and sunshine for her. The actress attempted a doctor-supervised all-liquid diet, which helped her lose 70 pounds in 4 months. She ditched that and said she would never do it again, admitting that she felt starved and crazy most of the time dieting.

7. Iskra Lawrence

If you’re looking for an enormous amount of body positivity and self-acceptance, then you should check out Iskra’s Instagram profile. The beautiful blonde is raising awareness about toxic diet culture in the modeling and advertising industries. She shared, “Yes, I believe in wellness, and understanding that health is so much more than just hitting a certain weight or being skinny.”

8. Demi Lovato

Frederick Taylor/Broadimage/EAST NEWS

Demi Lovato is also anti-diet and does her best to bring that out into the open. She has a special relationship with food: “Body image, what I wish I could be eating, what I wish I could be eating next, what I wish I didn’t eat, you know, it’s just constant.”

She sends a clear message to her fans and the ladies that look up to her: “All of this diet stuff at a young age is not okay. You’re worth more than that.”

What are your thoughts about dieting to create a certain body image? We’d love to know what you think in the comments!


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What has Kirsten Dunst have with it? She's skinny and lucky if she can have fries and mac every day. I love her but she knows notthing about struggling with weight... What does she have to accept? Her perfect body? C'mon girl!!


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