8 Common Movie Myths That Have Nothing to Do With Reality

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Myths have become an inevitable part of almost every movie, so sometimes it’s really hard to accept the fact that reality can be much different from what is shown on the screen. We decided to bust some of the most persistent movie myths that seem to migrate from one flick to another and irritate many viewers.

Walking through a jungle is like walking in the park.

Actors usually look so beautiful in movies while walking through jungles. But in reality, seasoned hikers find this experience rather brutal.

The humidity is so bad that it drenches you to the bone, and there’s no escaping it. Being under a jungle canopy is like being in a pressure cooker. The heat and humidity beat you down harder than any other environment. There are also swarms of biting bugs, from never-ending mosquitoes and giant spiders to ticks jumping on you from everywhere along with colonies of aggressive fire ants.

Secret agents lead luxurious lifestyles.

Popular flicks, like the ones featuring the character of James Bond or the Mission Impossible film series, often show secret agents as very wealthy people who can buy anything they want, drive expensive cars, and don’t even try to blend with the crowd. But in reality, everything is completely opposite, as secret agents have to look like everyone else and be almost invisible.

You can keep someone from falling by holding onto their hand.

In blockbusters, characters often keep a person from falling by grabbing their hand at the last moment. There are even scenes where a person is in the middle of the fall but are still caught by their hand. In real life, this might result in serious injuries or even lethal outcomes for both people involved.

Female spies look like top models.

In movies, female spies always look like supermodels, sporting gorgeous dresses and impeccable hairdos. Perhaps this portrayal of female secret agents was inspired by Mata Hari, and it’s stuck with moviemakers ever since.

Water that comes from sprinkler systems is crystal clear.

Scenes with fire alarms going off and filling rooms with falling water coming from a sprinkler system are quite common in thrillers. But according to Internet users, this water should be dirty and smell bad. But movie characters don’t even cringe, as if they’re just caught in some nice summer rain — and their clothes remain clean too.

All frogs ribbit.

In Hollywood movies, frogs all sound the same. But in reality, different species of frogs can chirp, croak, bark, and even hoot.

The fact is that early sound designers could go out to the ponds in California and easily record the sound of the environment. It was more a factor of convenience than desire. But, eventually, the sound of the “ribbit” became so common in movies that many people started to believe that all frogs around the world sound like this.

Back scabbards are normal.

In The Witcher series and many other Medieval movies, heroes often wear back scabbards. In reality, it’s very impractical because by trying to resheath something very sharp, you can easily stab yourself in the shoulder.

You can wear light clothing in the desert.

In The Mummy, Evelyn gets ready to cross the desert on a camel and chooses clothes made from light, see-through fabrics. But such outfits are completely useless in desert conditions. It’s weird that her companions say nothing about it. In reality, Evelyn should have chosen clothes made from breathable, natural fabrics, as they absorb moisture and dry quickly, like a wide-brimmed hat, a scarf, and sunglasses.


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