8 Dogs That Are Banned in Different Countries

3 years ago

Many countries in the world regulate certain dog breeds. This happens due to their potential danger to society and aggressiveness. They are banned completely or restricted in the form of obligatory microchipping, obtaining a special permit, mandatory sterilization, and special conditions for keeping them. In some countries, it is even necessary to provide the owner’s criminal record and a psychological certification.

We at Bright Side found out which breeds are banned and restricted the most. But we strongly believe that there are no aggressive dogs, there is just improper upbringing. And even though they are considered dangerous, we think they can be lovely furballs in a loving family.

8. Presa Canario

This breed opens the list with 8 countries regulating them. They may look intimidating, but they are actually level-headed and calm doggies that are devoted to their humans.

7. Rottweiler

Although Rottweilers are actively used in rescue operations, serve on police forces, and herd cattle perfectly, 10 countries consider them dangerous. In reality, they are confident guard dogs and playful fluffies.

6. American Staffordshire Terrier

This is the most controversial puppy. On the one hand, as many as 11 countries regulate this breed by law. But at the same time, every now and then it makes it on the lists of the most popular dogs around the world.

5. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This doggie is one of the dog-fighting breeds. Despite this, they are friendly and tender pups and recommended as family dogs. But 12 countries worldwide think the opposite and have either prohibited or restricted them.

4. Brazilian Mastiff

The beautiful and sad eyes of this breed reveal that about 14 countries treat them with caution. Some see them as aggressive, while others see them as work and guard dogs.

3. Tosa

This Japanese puppy is considered dangerous in 18 countries. It was bred for dog-fighting. And the sad thing is that it is still used for this in Japan on a legal basis.

2. Dogo Argentino

And again we have 18 countries in the world that regulate these dogs. This time the number is for this snow-white Argentinian beauty. Luckily, at least in their homeland they don’t have restrictions and can have loving owners.

1. Pit Bull

These cuties are at the top of the list24 countries restrict or prohibit them. Moreover, it’s not only the pit bulls themselves, but also pit bull-type dogs and their cross-breeds fall under legal control. In addition, the American Kennel Club doesn’t even recognize this lovely breed.

Do you think any of these puppies are dangerous? Do you have a doggie? What breed is it?

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Y'know it's not the dogs' fault but your own on why dogs are so aggressive, people.


pitbulls are one of the nicest dogs if you train them properly, so friendly and playful

3 years ago
The comment was arrested by the vice squad.

It all depends on how you raise the dog and how you train them. We had a Rott German Shepherd and she was one of the sweetest dogs ever


Pitbulls were originally called "Nanny Dogs"
Every dog and cat should be socialised.
people that do not socialise are setting the animals up for failure.
This frequently happens when someone wants a dog for dogfighting. ANYONE who is involved in it should be banned from owning ANY living creature for the rest of their lives.
l have also worked at an Animal Welfare Organisation and got used to many breeds incl some of the supposed ones on the danger lists. They were phenomenally sweet and would pretty much do anything for some love and attention. It's the Owners who are usually the Problems.


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