8 “Glass Onion” Easter Eggs That Are Hidden in Plain Sight

5 months ago

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is a Netflix film where we can play detectives throughout the story. Not only does it have many mysteries, but it’s also riddled with Easter eggs, as Glass Onion is a movie that is a rollercoaster of emotions that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

1. Miles Bron’s costume only proves his lack of originality.

Jenny Eagan created the costumes for the film, Glass Onion. The main reason Ed Norton’s character wore Tom Cruise’s wardrobe in his film, Magnolia, was to show the audience that Miles lacks the creativity to create his own brand or look, which means he loves to copy other people’s work and credit himself, just like in the business world.

2. Miles copied Steve Job’s look.

During a flashback in the film, it was revealed that Miles was dressed in Steve Jobs’ signature black turtleneck and blue jeans. This proves the character’s lack of originality yet again, as he wishes to be perceived as a visionary, intelligent, and wealthy.

3. Birdie Jay’s special mask reveals her true character.

Kate Hudson was a Glass Onion cast member who played Birdie Jay in the film. Her character arrived at the private island wearing a metal mesh mask that was not only for aesthetics — the meaning behind the mask is that a celebrity also wore the same one in a music video, and it was hated by many. This only shows that Birdie has a rebellious energy around her, proving she’s ignorant.

4. Glass Onion was inspired by The Beatles’ song.

When Rian Johnson, the director of Glass Onion, came up with the title, he wanted to incorporate the word glass to have this kind of metaphor that something is hidden in plain sight or right beneath your nose. Then, while looking for the word glass in the music library, a song by The Beatles came up, and he chose it because he was a big fan of theirs.

5. Miles’ living room contains an upside-down Rothko painting.

There is a lot of art in the film, but in Bron Miles’ living room, there is an upside-down Rothko painting. It was designed to be upside down because Bron is too silly and ignorant to understand and appreciate art, just like his character.

6. Andi’s full name is an allusion to the greek myth of Cassandra.

Andi’s full name is Cassandra Brand, and her name, Cassandra, was an allusion to the greek myth of Cassandra (or Kassandra), who was given the gift of prophecy but was cursed by Apollo so that people wouldn’t believe her. Andi told everyone that Klear was dangerous, but everyone ignored her.

7. An onion is the perfect metaphor for the film’s title, Glass Onion.

The director mentioned that the glass was a metaphor for being hidden in plain sight, but the onion could also be a good metaphor for the title. An onion has many layers, and Miles’ mansion is filled with secret rooms, different corridors, and hidden secret layers.

8. Serena Williams’ special appearance and her book

  • Serena Williams makes a special appearance in Glass Onion. She was Miles’ virtual fitness coach while waiting for someone to ask her for fitness lessons. She became bored since no one was asking and read her book, Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow, but in Knives Out, Benoit stated that no one had ever read the novel because it was too long and difficult.

Glass Onion is a thrilling ride for all of us, and the cast did an excellent job portraying each character and confusing us as to who was who. The Glass Onion Easter eggs are incredible — the film’s creators paid attention to small details that even we fans had a tough time deciphering, which was exciting and fun. Here are some more ways you can strengthen your detective skills.


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