8 Hacks That Can Make Wearing Socks Even More Comfortable

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It might seem that there’s no simpler or more insignificant detail in our look than socks — being clean is the only requirement for them. But this opinion is wrong. In fact, this mundane wardrobe item can drastically spoil a person’s look if some principles of wearing them are broken.

We at Bright Side found out what hacks and rules regarding wearing socks are there, and now we plan to strictly follow them.

Socks are not only underwear but also an accessory.

If socks are hidden from other people’s eyes, you should treat them like underwear. In this case, the only requirements are their warmth and comfort. If socks are visible to others, then you’d better choose them more carefully because, in this case, they serve as an accessory, which can enhance or ruin the overall look. The color and material of socks should not only match the shoes but also correspond to the overall situation.

Open shoes can and sometimes should be worn with socks.

Practically all types of footwear are recommended to be worn with socks. The only exceptions are beach and yacht footwear, as long as you stay within the shoreline. Socks will keep your feet free from blisters and will also help any pair of shoes last longer thanks to the protection from sweat. The caricature image of a simple Simon wearing summer shoes with socks is now a thing of the past. David Beckham and Justin Bieber have killed this stereotype with their example.

The same rule applies to women’s styles. Wearing sandals, summer shoes, and shoes with socks is a modern trend. Today’s fashion trends care about comfort and hygiene. Many celebrities, such as Katy Perry and Rihanna, don’t feel shy about rocking socks with elegant shoes.

Flesh-colored nylon socks ruin the look.

Our mothers considered wearing socks with open footwear shameful. That’s why they would wear flesh-colored nylon socks to protect their feet from blisters, and many of us follow their example.

However, style experts say this solution is wrong since beige socks give off the impression of being unkempt. They’re visible to the naked eye and are ugly. When it comes to closed footwear, one had better opt for socks made of natural materials. That’s why nylon socks in flesh tones are only appropriate in shoe stores for trying on footwear.

Bright socks are better worn with clothes of neutral tones.

If bright socks are meant to be visible to those around you, other elements of the look shouldn’t be too eye-catching. It’s better to opt for formal pants of neutral colors or dark jeans. It’s also important to remember that bright socks will attract increased attention to the look as a whole, which means you should make sure your clothes look impeccable.

The sock should fit snugly around the leg.

It’s not recommended to roll the top part of the socks down. If there’s a pattern on them, you might bring unkemptness to your look by rolling them down and letting the threads stick out from the inside out. Socks should fit around your legs tightly. Warm socks combined with rough boots are the only exception — in this case, it’s acceptable to slightly roll down the top part of the socks.

Each type of shoe is meant to be worn with socks of a certain length.

A person who cares about their overall look will opt for certain types of socks for different shoes. The socks of medium length are considered to be universal — it’s appropriate to wear them with any type of footwear. Ankle-length cropped socks are typically worn with sneakers and Converse. Cotton socks are normally hidden under moccasins. Stockings are worn with shoes and clothes for office wear. There is also a rule for men that says if you put on a tie, your socks should reach the calves.

It’s better to hide your ankles in cold weather.

Shortened pants worn in any weather have remained at the peak of popularity for many years. Both between seasons and during severe cold we can see fashionistas walking around with naked ankles outside. However, risking one’s health is considered an antitrend. There should be no gap between the shoes and the pant legs in cold weather, which means cropped socks should be replaced with socks of medium length. And wearing socks with bright and colorful patterns will help you look stylish and fresh.

White sneakers and Converse are universal footwear of the twenty-first century, but selecting socks for them should also be done wisely.

Today, white sneakers are suitable for all ages. They fit any style, whether it be romantic, official, or sporty — as long as you match the socks correctly. Put on white socks when going to a meeting or an interview, and opt for colorful ones when going for a walk. If you prefer to wear formal black suits, then wearing them with white sneakers and black socks will be the best option.

Which of these rules were absolutely new to you?

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