8 Tips for How to Save Yourself If You Bump Into a Wild Animal

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3 years ago

Dealing with wild animals can be tricky. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to defending yourself from them, as they react differently to various behaviors. What works best is knowing how to respond to unwanted encounters with dangerous animals and learning different techniques.

That’s why we at Bright Side used our research skills and found out how to stay alive if you find yourself face-to-face with a wild animal.

1. How to protect yourself from a deer

Most of the time deer would rather flee than interact with humans. However, a female deer can become aggressive if her babies are threatened, and a male deer can be really dangerous during rutting season.

  • Stay calm and slowly back away. If it starts attacking you, place an obstacle between you and the deer and run away or climb a tree.
  • Raise your arms and coat in order to appear larger. To look more formidable, swing the coat around.
  • If the deer attacked you, protect your head and neck by curling up in a fetal position.

2. How to protect yourself from a bear

If you talk and make a lot of noise, nearby bears will probably desert the area. But if you suddenly come across one and take it by surprise, here is what you should do:

  • Don’t scream, run away, or climb a tree. Bears are fast runners and they can take down trees with ease.
  • Make yourself look bigger. Slowly stretch your arms, hold a backpack or a coat above your head, and calmly back away.

3. How to protect yourself from a mountain lion

Mountain lions usually attack from behind, so never turn your back on them or run away. Instead, you should appear fierce.

  • Stand tall, maintain eye contact, and open your coat to look bigger.
  • If necessary, throw items and speak firmly to them.
  • If the mountain lion attacks you, don’t stay still — fight back. Try to hit its nose, mouth, or eyes, and it will most likely leave you alone.

4. How to protect yourself from a wolf

Wolves travel in packs. And if you see one, the rest of them are probably hiding in the bushes nearby. So, if you are at a sizable distance, slowly walk away. But if the encounter is inevitable, here is what you should do:

  • Slowly walk backward and don’t turn your gaze away.
  • If the wolf doesn’t retreat, start screaming as loud as your lungs allow. Throw anything at it that you can find and back away. Watch your steps, though. If you fall on the ground, the wolf will see that as a favorable situation to attack you.
  • In that case, retaliate aggressively. Show the wolf that you too are dangerous and messing with you is not a good decision.

5. How to protect yourself from a bison

You won’t be attacked by a bison unless you come too close to them. That’s why you should keep your distance from them. Don’t let their looks fool you, even though they are big and heavy, they are quite agile and can run 3 times faster than humans.

  • Show that you are not a threat by slowly walking away.
  • Find cover. Look for trees, big rocks, or any other large object. Hide behind it and continue moving carefully.
  • Climb a tree. That way, a charging bison won’t see you as a threat anymore and will probably leave the area.

6. How to protect yourself from a leopard

By all means, don’t approach a leopard. And especially not leopard cubs. A mother leopard is very defensive, and she will most likely attack you in order to protect them.

  • If you see one, stand still and don’t make eye contact.
  • If the leopard is preparing to attack you, shout, wave your arms, clap your hands, and anything else that will help you appear menacing.

7. How to protect yourself from a hyena

Hyenas will instinctively chase anyone that runs away. So when you see one, stay calm and talk to it.

  • If you have food, throw it to the hyena. They are lazy animals and if they already have something to eat, they will most likely leave you alone.
  • If it’s approaching you, surprise it by taking a few steps toward it. Start making loud noises, wave your arms, and try to look as frightening as possible. The hyena will think that you are going to attack it and will most likely run away.

8. How to protect yourself from a wild boar

Wild boars are aggressive. So if you spot one from a distance, don’t stop to take a picture and run away immediately. If you are too close, don’t try to outrun it — do this instead.

  • Stay calm and slowly move away.
  • If they are headed toward you, climb a tree. Wild boars can’t climb, so they will probably leave you alone.
  • If it charges you and it’s too late for you to find a place to hide, so you’ll have to fight back. A fight with a wild boar usually lasts around a minute, so keep fighting until it leaves.

Have you ever bumped into a wild animal? How did you manage to escape?


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