8 Tricks to Help You Sneeze Quiet in Public

Sneezing is a natural process that helps your nose get rid of germs and irritating particles. The way you sneeze is unique and depends not only on your individual anatomy but also on social conditioning. According to a survey, people’s public sneezes are very often different than their private sneezes, which means you can learn to sneeze quieter. But you have to keep in mind that forcefully holding in a sneeze is not recommended, as it can be dangerous.

Bright Side collected safe tips to help loud sneezers lower the volume a bit.

1. Cover your nose and mouth to muffle the sound.

A thick handkerchief is preferable over a tissue, as the woven fabric will do a better job. The main idea is to sneeze into something, whether it be your shoulder, arm, or elbow if you don’t have a handkerchief or tissue handy.

2. Clench your teeth and jaw.

The position of your mouth is very important when it comes to the intensity of your sneezes. While clenching your jaw, don’t shut your lips, but instead, try to keep them relaxed. Your mouth should be slightly open as not to create too much pressure in your sinuses.

3. Put a finger at the base of your nose and push up slightly.

Applying pressure to your upper lip can be helpful because it distracts your brain from initial irritants while stimulating the same neural network.

4. Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

Alternatively, you can start by slightly tickling the roof of your mouth with your tongue. As was stated in the previous tip, the idea is to stimulate a different area of the same neural network of the face to distract the brain.

5. Try actually saying, “Achoo!”

This trick can work well because it makes the air come out through your mouth instead of your nose and lessens “the explosion.”

6. Pinch the bridge of your nose.

You shouldn’t completely plug your nose or pinch your nostrils. When you pinch the bridge of your nose, the airflow will become less intense, but you still will be able to breathe. This will create a quietening effect.

7. Chew a bit of ginger.

Not only does ginger help to enhance the immune system, but it’s also a great help to prevent sneezing. Just chew a bit of ginger every day, and it’ll help you deal with your sneezing problems.

8. Squeeze your nose.

Another option is to put your finger under the nose and push it up a bit. You can also pinch your nose lightly. But remember: don’t close and hold your nose completely, because it can be dangeous. Also, keep your mouth open.

What do you think of these tips? Do you have your own methods to sneeze more quietly?


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