8 Useful Things That We All Should Have in Our Purse in Case of an Emergency

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2 years ago

We’re prone to think that anything bad can happen, but we don’t want you to throw caution to the wind. It’s better to minimize the risk of being in an emergency, and you can always carry simple everyday objects with you that can be used as survival tools if necessary. For example, zip locks have at least 4 ways of use, in case of an accident.

We at Bright Side recommend you take look at these 8 items that could literally save your life one day. And that being said, we hope you’ll never have to use these tips.

1. Salt

Apart from making food taste good, salt can be used as a protective tool. When in danger, throw salt at the face of the attacking animal and more specifically, a dog, aiming for the mouth and nose. Salt can be toxic to animals and can make them lethargic, which will give you time to run away.

2. A fake wallet

It can be used as a distraction when being robbed. While running away, throw a fake wallet so the thief will stop to pick it up. This way, you won’t lose any of your important documents or money, and you’ll be able to escape the attack safely.

3. A reusable bottle

A transparent reusable bottle is much more than a trendy eco-tool — it can help you to disinfect water. Research has shown that water placed under a UV light for 6 hours becomes free of most germs, including Escherichia coli. While chemicals from pollution won’t disappear, if there are any, the water can still be drinkable, and it’s a better option than thirst.

Moreover, a reusable bottle can quickly become a self-protection tool. Attach it to your belt and start quickly spinning it. We hope that you’ll never be in a situation where you’ll have to actively protect yourself, but this tool will aid those who have to.

4. A wristwatch

A wristwatch placed inside your fist, across your middle knuckles, can quickly become a knuckle buster that can be used for self-protection to break glass when you need to escape. In addition, smartwatches can be lifesaving on various occasions, such as when you have heart troubles and even if you fall on the ground. For example, your doctor can use the data collected by the smartwatch and see how your heart works and if it needs operating.

5. A hair brush

It’s likely you already have a hairbrush in your purse, but apart from being a handy grooming tool, it can help you protect yourself. Use it to attack a criminal, aiming for the face. Plus, many hairbrushes can be used to hide money and copies of your ID. Many models are easy to take apart and can hide what you think might help you one day. And if anyone goes through your valuables, they’ll never take the hairbrush.

6. Dental floss

It won’t make your bag any havier, and your dentist will be thankful if you will use it, even when outside — plus it has a lot of potential uses in case something bad happens. You can use it to secure bandages, cut food, make an emergency shoelace, catch a fish, or even restrain somebody. While it’s so small and useful in everyday life, you’d never know how many potential uses it might have if you find yourself in danger.

7. Ziplock bags

Ziplock bags don’t take up much space and can protect your valuables from water. There have been cases when a phone being stored in something waterproof saved people’s lives. Plus, they also can be used to purify water under the sunlight if your reusable water bottle isn’t transparent. In everyday life, you can keep a piece of paper, like your medical information, a list of your allergies, or relatives’ numbers in these bags in case you need them in an emergency.

8. A flashlight

The flashlight comes in handy in many situations, and self-protection is one of them. Use a bright flashlight to protect yourself against a sudden attack. You have to aim for the face to temporarily blind the person. The light won’t hurt the attacker, but you will win valuable seconds to run to safety.

What items do you carry in your bag? Have you ever found yourself in an emergency?

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Please note: This article was updated in September 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


I carry a kubitan attached to my keys. it's a solid plastic
stick type of thing with a couple of metal links, then my keys. Yes l have had to use it and yes it was very effective.

l would also suggest a couple of regular PENCILS.
The MAIN problem for most people is that if they are attacked they are too damned Squeemish to protect themselves as when and how for the possibilities.

A Pencil, stabbed into the eye, throat or groin is a very Big distraction..lol Most still try to act Civilised, However their attackers do not, it's that mentality survive or die that will make a difference.
Me, when I’m in danger: "Dear attacker, just a second, please" *rummaging in my handbag*
Or do I have to carry the salt along in my fist? Don’t wanna do it wrong.

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