9 Beauty Secrets That Can Actually Ruin Your Look

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We wear eyelash extensions, pluck our brows, and spend a fortune on eyeliner and lipstick in fashionable colors. However, while trying to look trendy, we can sometimes change our natural traits that make our appearance unique and attractive. That’s why we decided to find out what types of makeup and hairstyles can actually ruin our look, according to professional makeup artists and stylists.

Eyebrows that are too narrow

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Some women are blessed with full, bushy eyebrows, like those of Lily Collins. For those who have naturally thin brows, makeup artists recommend using an eyebrow pencil. Some people often associate narrow brows with older age, while thick brows are a sign of youth.

Thick eyeliner

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Makeup artists recommend avoiding thick eyeliner, especially under your bottom lashes. Otherwise, you can emphasize the dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes.

At the same time, if the eyeliner is applied correctly, this can create a lifting effect. It’s recommended to use eyeliner only along the upper lashes and in the corners of the eyes. And if you smudge the line a little bit, this can give you a softer look.

Matte lipstick

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Matte lipstick, which is very trendy these days, can be quite tricky. The fact is, when lips are deprived of gloss and “juiciness,” the face can appear more mature.

Blush that’s too bright

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natural, youthful, flush look is always a great way to go. This is why it’s important not to overdo things by choosing a color that’s too bright or that has a glittery finish. And a buildable cream blush is the easiest way to add a touch of color and dewiness.

Stick-straight hair

According to hairstylists, straight strands and blunt ends can make your face appear “heavy” and sag your facial features. At the same time, long layers, soft volume, and lots of movement will help frame your face and soften harsh lines.

Dark, cool hair tones

These cooler hair tones can bring out gray, ashy hues in your skin. Hairstylists recommend opting for warm tones, especially for strands that frame your face. This will brighten your skin and make you look more awake.

Unnatural-looking eyelash extensions

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Natural-looking eyelash extensions are one of the latest beauty trends. The doll-like eyes with super long, thick lashes are not trendy anymore. A professional technician can choose extensions in line with the shape of your face and eyes.

Lipstick that’s too dark in color

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Dark, bold lips always attract attention — but this means you’re also attracting attention to the wrinkles around your mouth, teeth, jawline, and pimples. On the other hand, a neutral rose-hued lipstick can flatter all skin tones and brighten up your face.

Shades of foundation that are too warm or too cool

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When choosing your shade of foundation, stylists recommend looking at the color of the veins on the inside of your forearm. If they appear blueish, you have a cooler undertone, and if they are greenish, you can go for warmer makeup hues.

Another way to define your color type is to recall whether gold or silver jewelry looks better on you. If it’s silver, your type is cool, and if it’s gold, your type is warm. If gold and silver are equally flattering on you, then your type is neutral. Most brands of foundation have the letters “W” (warm), “C” (cold), or “N” (neutral) on their packaging, so pay attention to this when shopping.

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