9 Creative Tips Everyone Planning a Home Renovation Should Take Note Of

3 years ago

Performing a renovation comes with a lot of responsibilities, as it’s a wide-scale activity. That’s why it’s not surprising that, despite all our attempts to take every small detail into account, we still end up missing some nuances and eventually end up with something we weren’t expecting. For example, we often opt for certain designer solutions because everyone else does it, and only later do we realize that we should’ve actually gone for more functional, practical alternatives.

Bright Side decided to review these seemingly insignificant details, paying attention to what can help you save a bunch of time and nerves later on and bring you aesthetic pleasure.

9. Contrasting skirting boards

Today’s designers consider the installment of skirting boards that are the same color as the walls or floors an outdated solution. In fact, they’ll look nicer and more attractive when they serve the function of an aesthetic separating line and don’t merge with space.

Therefore, a trendy skirting board is something that brings the walls and the floor together, and oftentimes, it’s quite high. You can go for a skirting board that matches the color of your door molding. Such detail can unobtrusively decorate and enrich even the most minimalistic interior.

8. P-traps for baths

The P-trap may be considered one of the most important parts of a bath’s plumbing system. There are a net and a pot inside this device that serve as a trap for hair, trash, and other solid particles that often clog pipes. When installed correctly and in time, the P-trap will save you a lot of issues and also make it easier to clean the drain.

7. Hood panels that match the color of the kitchen furniture

The hood usually stands out quite strongly against the background of the kitchen set with its iron sheen; and in a small kitchen, it looks huge.

There are several ways that can help you make it match your furniture set. For example, you can integrate it into a special pannier or opt for a retractable option. However, it will be simpler and more practical to go for a hood with a removable frontal panel that is of the same color as the rest of the kitchen furniture.

6. Magnetic doorstops

A doorstop is a very useful item for protecting walls, furniture, and doors from getting hit. However, big models that protrude over the floor don’t look nice, and people can easily stub their toes on them.

Consider using magnetic door stops. This is a hidden flat structure with a magnet hidden inside. When the door opens to the limiter, it moves up, pulling the door toward itself, fixing it into position.

5. Vandal-proof wallpaper

If you have kids or animals, consider getting vandal-proof wallpaper. As you probably can tell from the name, this wallpaper has increased durability and endurance and is able to withstand the effects of moisture, cat claws, and felt-tip pens.

However, there are several types of such wallpaper, and you’ll have to choose one based on your specific needs. For example, laminated wallpaper is easy to wash and take care of, while fiberglass wallpaper is maximally resistant to mechanical damage.

4. Corner guards for door and window openings

Plastic guards play quite a noble function — they protect the edges of walls and wallpaper from mechanical damage. But still, they’re not suitable in all cases. They don’t attract much attention in the foreground of light-colored wallpaper, but at the same time, the white plastic guards don’t look that nice on dark-colored wallpaper and on wallpaper with voluminous decorations.

In order to do without them, you can use various methods. If you plan to paint the walls, you’d better think about installing metal guards that will later be covered with plaster. If you decide to decorate your room with wallpaper, you can consider the options of the guards of different colors made of various materials. You can also use wooden guards as one of the options.

3. A mirror base in the kitchen

As a rule, the lower panel of the kitchen unit is made in the same color and material as the furniture itself. But if you make it glossy or mirror-like, you can create an original effect of a kitchen levitating over the floor, visually expanding the space. However, you should keep in mind that such a design solution will require thorough care in the future.

2. Hangers with retractable hooks

Large entryways are slowly becoming less popular due to their big size, giving way to smaller, neat closets. However, oftentimes, the doors of such closets lack a couple of hooks for everyday outerwear.

In this case, you can install a stylish, wooden (as a rule) panel with retractable hooks instead of the typical hooks that protrude from the wall. They can be small or quite big, claiming to be a self-sufficient element of the interior.

1. Storage space under the bathtub

As a rule, smaller bathrooms have little storage space. But the good thing is, you can make at least one extra and spacious closet yourself. You just need to install a screen with pull-out shelves or sliding doors on the bathtub.

You’ll be able to fill the empty space under the bathtub with cleaning agents without feeling afraid that it will look unkempt. The more space that you’ll free by removing cleaning agents can be used for storing cosmetics, towels, and other bathroom appliances.

What other tips could you share with Bright Side readers who are about to start their home renovations?

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I recently pained my walls and I did them all white, I was always told to have 1 darker wall but I actually really like it. The house is really old and this makes it feel a bit more modern!


See number 7 is ok if you don't have them 100% in the same style... but please, PLEASE make them the same height? Is that too much to ask 😂😂 man it drives me crazy!


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