9 Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight Faster

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Most of us struggle to lose weight because of boring diets and exercises that are hyped way too often. It has even been proven that if a person believes that all of their weight problems come from not exercising, they will likely have problems dieting. But it doesn’t have to be that way, you can actually enjoy losing weight by enlisting the help of some unconventional habits, like coming up with challenges for yourself or even smelling apples before eating a meal.

We at Bright Side collected 9 unusual habits that can help you lose weight faster and even make it more enjoyable.

1. Create a healthy water intake regimen.

It is extremely important to establish a water intake regimen so that your body thrives. Drink 2 glasses of water with lemon in the morning to wake your body up, hydrate your empty stomach, and boost metabolism. Then, drink before lunch so you don’t overeat and while at lunch as well, this will help your digestion. At 4 pm, drink again, because of the long period between lunch and dinner. You absolutely need to drink at dinner or after to help the food move easily and make your stomach feel lighter.

2. Smell green apples or bananas before your meal.

Whether you find this ridiculous or not, smelling foods like bananas or apples before your meal will ease your hunger, which will help you eat less than you would have originally. So, go buy some apples!

3. Light a vanilla candle after dinner.

This might sound ridiculous, considering how much vanilla goes into various cakes, pancakes, and puddings, but a study found that the vanilla scent works wonders when you’re trying to lose weight. It activates various chemical reactions in the brain, making you feel less hungry.

4. Take photos of your meals.

When looking at your meals from above, trying to get the best shot, you can’t help but notice the details of your food, which is perfect since it might make you stop for a second and rethink what you’re going to eat. Maybe, you’ll notice too many carbs on the plate or that something else is over the top and you’ll be able to change what you eat.

5. Buy some blue plates.

If you surround yourself with blue, like putting up blue wallpaper or eating from blue plates, you’ll lose weight much faster. A study found that the color blue is an appetite suppressant which will help you to feel less hungry.

6. Eat eggs for breakfast and spicy foods for lunch.

It’s been proven time after time that consuming eggs for breakfast helps achieve faster weight loss. And if you combine that little trick with eating something with chili or red pepper for lunch (not all the time, though) this will help your metabolism speed up, thus helping you achieve your dream body faster.

7. Think of some challenges that will help you move more.

You might want to challenge yourself in a way so that exercising and dieting would be a bit easier and more fun. Try doing 10 pushups for every potato in your dinner or run up and down the stairs 5 times for every time you enjoy a candy bar. If you make it fun, you won’t even notice that you’re burning calories.

8. Sleep in a cold room.

Yes, you can lose weight by sleeping, and it’s pretty easy. The magic trick here is that if your body is surrounded by cold it produces more heat to warm you up which helps you burn calories. So enjoy some cold every now and then.

9. Chew slowly and properly.

It has been proven that if it takes you longer to eat and you consume your food slowly, you’ll have an easier time losing weight. It’s all due to the fact that chewing slowly and properly makes you feel fuller faster, and this helps you get full with less food. Ideally, it should take you around 20 minutes to finish a meal. So savor it and get the most out of each bite.

If you have any other suggestions on weight loss, please share them in the comments below.

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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