9 Photos That Show the True Reality Behind the Events of “The Crown”

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The Crown has become a huge global hit, reaching almost 73 million viewers worldwide. Perhaps it’s because we all want a glimpse at how the British royal family lives their private lives, out of the public view. Getting the behind-the-scenes on their private life has proven popular, so we have dug into the archives and found some rare original photos of the royal family.

The Windsor Castle fire

© The Crown / Netflix, ASSOCIATED PRESS/East News

Just like in The Crown, a fire broke out in Windsor Castle in 1992. The fire destroyed more than 100 rooms and needed 225 firefighters to put out the blaze. Thankfully everything was restored, and only two valuable works of art were lost in the fire — a rosewood sideboard and a huge painting by Sir William Beechey.

2. Princess Diana’s interview

© The Crown / Netflix, White Label/East News

Season 5 of The Crown dives into Diana’s complicated life as a royal family member. And just as in real life, the series shows Diana opening up about her mental health struggles and pains in her famous 1995 BBC interview. Elizabeth Debicki perfectly captures Diana’s thoughtful and somber mood.

The Ghillies Ball, 1992

As shown in The Crown, this night seems to be a night of happiness and celebration. Like in the original video footage, this annual ball shows Queen Elizabeth II dancing with Philip, Charles, and her mother as she drops her formality and embraces the party. You can see them all laughing and giggling as they dance together, arms linked.

Prince Charles breakdancing

Yes, this really did happen, it wasn’t just artistic licensing by the producers of the series. In season 5 of The Crown, Dominic West recreates the moment Charles danced during an event with his charity, the Prince’s Trust, in 1985.

The moment when Prince Charles admits his infidelity

This interview featured in The Crown refers to the shocking interview Prince Charles gave to Dimbleby, who admits on TV in front of the nation that he has been unfaithful to Diana in their marriage. It was a huge turning point in their relationship.

Princess Diana dancing to “Uptown Girl”

Princess Diana longed to be a ballet dancer, but unfortunately, she was too tall to take it up professionally. That didn’t stop her from dancing, as season 4 beautifully captures. In the original photo, you can see how thrilled she is to perform on stage in front of an audience.

Princess Margaret’s wedding

© The Crown / Netflix, Mary Evans / Grenville Collins Postcard Collection / East News

In 1960, Princess Margaret, the sister of Queen Elizabeth II, married Antony Armstrong-Jones in Westminster Abbey. Her wedding was actually the first British royal wedding to be televised, with over 300 million people watching it around the world. And we think the actress Vanessa Kirby perfectly captured her elegance and beauty on her big day.

Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding announcement

© The Crown / Netflix, UPPA/Photoshot/REPORTER / East News

The couple announced their engagement in a TV interview in 1981 when Diana was only 19. In this interview, Charles famously responds, “Whatever in love means” when asked if he loves Diana, leaving her heartbroken. The Crown recreates the announcement and perfectly replicates their outfits.

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

© The Crown / Netflix, Courtesy Everett Collection / East News

In 1953, at 27, Queen Elizabeth II was coronated as Queen of England. Season 1 of The Crown recreates this huge event and uses some of the original footage from the coronation.

Do you think The Crown accurately represents the British Royal family? Who do you think was the best casting decision?

Preview photo credit The Crown / Netflix, Mary Evans / Grenville Collins Postcard Collection / East News


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