94-Year-Old Man Reunites With the Woman He Loved 65 Years Ago, Now They Are Married

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There is a saying that true love always finds its way back. Despite life's many challenges and trials, soulmates invariably get back to each other, even if they don't initially end up together. Fortunately, despite more than 6 decades, this couple reunited and proved that true love has no boundaries.

Note: The couple inside the article is for illustration purpose only and these are not real photos of the news.

Joseph Potenzano and Mary Elkind first met back in 1959. Their story began at Joseph's sister's wedding in Paramus, N.J. Mary was the maid of honor, and Joseph was the best man. They hit it off right away and went on a couple of dates afterward. But their romance didn't last long. Life took them in different directions, and things didn't progress further back then.

Joseph went on to become an engineer, working at Picatinny Arsenal. Mary pursued a career in dance, performing at Radio City Music Hall, before settling down with her late husband, Mort Elkind.

In 2020, Joseph started feeling lonely after turning 90. He remembered Mary and decided to reconnect. At a family event, he asked her out for coffee, which led to attending an Irish dance show together. Their friendship blossomed into a beautiful romance over the following months.

Joseph, now 94, and Mary, 85, surprised everyone when they announced their engagement in July 2023. Joseph proposed to Mary while they were sitting on his sofa, and she happily accepted. Mary's children were a bit puzzled at first, wondering if Joseph was somehow related. This confusion stemmed from their shared family gatherings over the past 64 years.

They tied the knot on October 15th at Our Lady of the Visitation Roman Catholic Church in Paramus, surrounded by close friends and family. Looking ahead, Joseph and Mary plan to make the most of their time together. Mary will keep her condo in Chestnut Ridge but will spend most of her time with Joseph in Paramus, enjoying their companionship and cherishing their second chance at love.

This heartwarming story shows us that it's never too late for love and happiness, even after many years apart. Joseph and Mary's journey reminds us of the beauty of second chances and the joy of finding love again later in life. Some celebrities also gave their love a second chance, so don't miss their stories as well. Find more here.


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