A Boy Struggles to Find a School Because His Hair Is “Too Long”

2 months ago

In most schools, rules and guidelines are a standard part of the system, even if they seem unnecessary. This is where we encounter 12-year-old Farouk James. He’s gained attention on social media for his incredibly unique hair, but he’s facing challenges in finding a school that embraces his individuality.

Farouk James, a 12-year-old model well-known in the fashion industry with a substantial Instagram following, along with his mother Bonnie, is encountering difficulty finding a suitable school for him to attend. Many schools in the UK have strict rules regarding hair length, and due to Farouk’s long locks, they’ve been advised by schools to trim his hair before he can return to classes.

Bonnie believes this treatment is unfair, arguing that her son’s hair is completely natural and not dyed or styled. She points out that if Farouk were a girl, the school wouldn’t object to his hair length, viewing this situation as clear discrimination.

Farouk has been blessed with incredibly thick hair that was visible even before he was born during prenatal scans. He values his long locks and gets upset when thinking about having to cut them to comply with school rules. His Instagram page promotes the message that “hair has no gender” and advocates for equality. It aims to break down barriers and promote inclusivity, emphasizing that hairstyles and hair choices should not be limited by traditional gender expectations.

Before, Bonnie had enrolled Farouk’s older brother in a school where hair length had been a frequent issue. She had hoped that the school’s hair policy might have changed since then. Her elder son, now 23, had faced criticism for having hair that was considered “too short.”

However, upon further exploration, Bonnie found that many of the school’s rules and regulations regarding appearance had remained the same. This indicated that Farouk would also need to cut his hair to comply with the school’s policy, something Bonnie was vehemently against.

Bonnie launched a viral campaign seeking change. She rallied support from parents encountering similar challenges, especially those with children sporting dreadlocks and Afro hairstyles. With her son by her side, Bonnie aims to challenge these seemingly arbitrary school rules, intending to bring about substantial and meaningful change.

“We’re getting a real team together and calling it the Mane Generation. We’re going to fight this until these rules get changed. And it’s globally, not just domestically in the UK,” she proclaimed.

Long hair for men represents more than just a hairstyle; it embodies a symbol of self-expression, personal empowerment, and a challenge to societal norms. Opting for long hair is a choice that mirrors individuality and resilience, signifying one’s unique identity and inner strength.


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long hair is fine for boys or girls if the child knows how care for their locks.

the pic shows him sitting on a football but I wonder how can he even play the game properly with having long open hair kept untied like this. I dont think it's possible to do all the regular school kid activities with long untied hair like this.

I think more than the kid, the mom has taken this as an ego issue with the school.
maybe she is more worried about losing his modelling income if he cuts his signature hair to a more reasonable length for school.


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