A Couple Saves More Than 100 Old Dogs Nobody Wanted, and We Can’t Hold Back Our Tears

5 years ago

Not many people talk about the fate of senior stray dogs. They live in vulnerable conditions until they get rescued by animal shelters. Still, life is hard for these guys because of their fragile health and a lack of family. But this couple has found a way to give a home and a family to these pups and their story is as emotional as you can imagine.

Let Bright Side remind you that when we want to do good, a good plan and a big heart are all we need.

When Mariesa and Chris Hughes lost their dog, a senior Pitbull named Moses, to spinal cord cancer just 2 years after adopting him, they realized why many people don’t opt for older dogs when they decide to adopt one: The medical costs that come with a pup’s advanced age are too high for the average family to afford.

Dogs like Moses usually live in vulnerable conditions, in overloaded animal shelters due to their age and are almost never picked for adoption because of the cost of caring for them. So the Hughes family, after losing Moses, decided to come up with a plan to honor his memory and help those dogs that were in the same condition.

This is how Mariesa and Chris funded The Mr. Mo Project, a fundraising organization that receives donations to cover pets’ medical expenses. This way, they can enable people who might want to open their homes to these senior puppies but couldn’t before because of the cost.

This animal lover project has also partnered with various pet centers, stores, and veterinarians, who provide care, bubble baths, and cool dog collars for a discount for each foster dog adopted through the program.

The project “is going to give life back to these senior dogs,” shares Mariesa. And it has. Since the project launched, more than a 100 senior pups have found a permanent foster home. It shows that, as Chris said, foster dogs “have so much love to give. They just need the right person who’s willing to share it.”

Do you have any other ideas on how to help pups in need? Do you know someone else’s story of kindness that you want the Bright Side community to know about? Share it below!

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Another real life super heroes! I'm inspired. :)
Great work, guys.


Great story, an least someone will give enough love for these poor left dogs!


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