A Dad Is Criticized for Bathing His Baby While Washing the Dishes

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5 months ago

Raising a baby is a wonderful but challenging experience. In addition to providing for the little one, parents are faced with the constant balance between caring for the baby and household chores. That’s why, many times, they resort to creative solutions. This father wanted to manage everything on his own, but his ways generated a lot of controversy on social networks.

The protagonist of this story is Martín Espinoza, a TikTok user who often shares videos of his two daughters. On this occasion, he showed how he keeps his little baby clean while also taking care of the dishes.

Martín made a video explaining that the mother of his daughters was not at home, but that was not an issue for him, “When Mom’s not home, but you are an experienced Dad.” The video shows the baby sitting in the kitchen sink as if it were a makeshift bathtub. She even has a sponge that she plays with during the bath.

What caught the attention of users was not so much the fact of bathing the baby in the sink but that the father used the same water to rinse the dirty dishes he was washing. It can be seen how Martín takes the dishes out of the sink and rinses them again while the baby continues to sit and play, even putting her hands in her mouth.

Some Internet users criticized the father and accused him of being irresponsible with his daughter. “The sink is one of the places with the highest amount of bacteria” or “Poor children who are born in irresponsible homes and their parents risk their babies for a simple like.” Others think it’s a great idea: “Oh, my heart melts when I see the baby, and how fun that the dad can do two things at the same time,” commented one woman.

“When Mom’s not home, but you’re an experienced Dad.”

This situation generated controversy and divided opinions on social networks, with comments ranging from support or judgment of the father for his action to concern for the baby’s health. To what extent is it possible to multitask?

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I've given many baby baths in the kitchen sink and it's a great tool to utilize instead of kneeling beside the tub, but the sink has always been cleaned and is dish free when the baby is in it. I couldn't imagine having food particles and things of that nature in the same water that I'm trying to wash my baby in. I would not feel clean if I bathed in that kind of water and neither would my child. Let alone, sucking on a sponge that's absorbed the food particle laden water and possibly even some urine from baby at that point as well, 🤢🥺. It's just wrong on so many levels 😅. It's a hard no from me on bathing baby in the same sink while doing dishes.

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