25 Hilarious Differences Between Mom and Dad’s Parenting Styles

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3 years ago

It’s been discussed many times that men and women seem to come from different planets. Mothers and fathers prove this theory once again in their reactions to similar child rearing situations. It’s enough to just look at all these funny stories about boyfriends, cats, cleaning, shopping, and even Happy Meal toys to see that this speculation is spot on.

Bright Side found 25 funny and touching stories that represent how different our parents are.

Mom’s Instagram vs Dad’s Instagram

“Me when my dad is visiting vs Me when my mom is visiting”

“Was running late on my way to my mom and dad’s house and realized that there are 2 different types of parents.”

When dad’s dreams of having a radio-controlled helicopter gets taken out on the cat:

Dads never overcomplicate things.

When dad says “No” vs When mom says “No”

“My parents both appreciate beauty in their own way.”

“I love to go to McDonald’s just for these stories.”

“Mom vs Dad pre-race texts...”

“That’s how my mom sees sales, and that’s how my dad sees them.”

“It seems my dad sees any guy near me as a threat.”

“In our house: Building LEGOs with mom vs Building LEGOs with dad”

“My father’s hurricane prep advice vs my mother’s”

“How my mom wraps presents vs How my dad wraps presents”

“I just texted them telling them that I’m planning to stay at my friend’s place for the night.”

“How my mom takes photos vs How my dad takes photos”

It’s always fun to visit a doctor with your parents.

“When my mom goes grocery shopping (top) vs when my dad goes grocery shopping (bottom)”

“Now you know who’s easier to deal with.”

“Young parents, watching the same baby...”

“Mom’s cooking vs Dad’s cooking”

“Trying to joke with your mom vs Trying to joke with your dad”

“Texting your mom in class vs Texting your dad in class”

“Mom vs Dad snaps, featuring Luna the kitty”

“I sent a video of me jumping on the bed to my parents. Their reactions are priceless.”

Tell us your funny stories about how your moms and dads react to similar situations.

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Mom: I didn’t get any sleep all night! It’s unbelievable!
Dad: *snore*


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