A Fashion Show Surprised Us With Unusual Dresses, and They Got Mixed Reactions on Social Media

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Viktor & Rolf’s collection at Paris Fashion Week was recognized for its bold and creative designs, including dresses that appeared upside-down. This created visually striking and memorable moments on the runway, emphasizing the designers’ commitment to pushing boundaries and breaking away from traditional fashion norms. And let’s say that it wasn’t your average catwalk. Read on to see what we mean.

Each design was even wilder than the last.

Jana Call me J/ABACA/Abaca/East News

The models wore elegant, full-length dresses featuring stiff tulle skirts and sparkling sequined tops. The mysterious element was introduced when one of the dresses detached from the model’s body and was worn in front of her. As the show continued, the designs became increasingly extraordinary. And we loved them!

The dresses are everything but dull.

After the show, when talking about the dresses, 54-year-old Rolf Snoeren said, “It’s an absurd take on the stereotype of a certain type of femininity.” Rolf continued to explain that the collection is based on traditional couture gowns with a corseted bodice and full skirt, but they twisted it to make it more contemporary and absurd.

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The whole show was a big challenge to the already-accepted dress standards.

Some of the dresses were worn in unconventional ways, such as horizontally or diagonally, exposing neutral-toned corset undergarments. One model wore an utterly upside-down dress, with the hemline covering her face and her legs coming out of the neckline. Another model walked with her dress attached at the hip, not wearing it.

And it just got more and more fascinating.

During Paris Haute Couture Week, the fashion industry has been closely monitoring the runways and street styles to find inspiration for new high-end fashion trends. Although many of the shows are taken seriously, one show, in particular, has caught everyone’s attention for its playful runway show and the fact that it turned its looks upside down.

As the show went on, the models started to “separate” from their dresses, one by one.

The transformation started with minor changes, where the dresses became slightly misaligned, giving the impression that the models had missed their final fittings. But soon, the differences became more drastic as the models walked down the runway with dresses utterly detached from their bodies, like in the photo above.

Or, even crazier, some of the dresses were flipped sideways.

The designers aimed to challenge traditional fashion norms and present a new perspective on what is considered beautiful and desirable in the fashion world. The inverted ballgowns and detached dresses were a statement on the idea of fashion and femininity, pushing the boundaries and making a bold statement on the runway.

“The dress, while retaining its idealized shape, antagonizes, alienates, and frees itself from the body in a surreal way,” explained Viktor & Rolf of the inverted ballgowns.

Look closer to see what the designers had to say.

This particular gown was one of the standout pieces in the collection, highlighting the designers’ innovative and playful approach to couture fashion. The delicate material of the dress, along with the subtle connection to the corset, gave the illusion of it appearing weightless and creating a mesmerizing effect on the runway.

Jana Call me J/ABACA/Abaca/East News

The designers aim to subvert traditional fashion norms and challenge the idea of what is considered “normal” in the fashion world. Through their play on conventional couture gowns and the use of neutral undergarments, they created a collection that is both familiar and strange, blurring the line between the everyday and the absurd.

What’s your favorite fashion style? What do you prefer to wear to work? Do you have any fashion or style tips?

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Exactly. Not laughing or bad mouthing but still . Who would wear these ? Even Lady Gaga wouldn't wear who is known for her absurd dresses.


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