A Father of 4 Takes Pictures of His Kids, Proving That Every Day Is Magical

3 years ago

Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is no easy task, but Adrian C. Murray, a father of 4 and a photographer, managed to capture the everyday fairy tales his kids would create right in his house. Whether it’s hugging a beloved dog or potty-training a teddy bear, these few moments that may seem ordinary are, in fact, a small part of the magic that is childhood.

Here at Bright Side, we couldn’t help but smile while looking at Murray’s photos that are sometimes cozy and oftentimes full of drive. We’d love for you to take a look at this series and feel the spirit of childhood together with us.

1. Falling in love with a plushy friend

2. Finding wonders in the smallest things

3. “You are so warm, buddy.”

4. Life with kids is an everyday show.

5. “Who hasn’t done their homework?”

6. “We’ll set the princess free, my friend!”

7. “Look, buddy, I’ll teach you how to be a real Jedi.”

8. “Exploring the world is such fun!”

9. “Learning colors is easy.”

10. “You’re all grown up, son!”

11. “Come to me, I won’t harm you.”

12. “Mom is the best stuntman for sure!”

13. “You are my fluffy goal!”

14. “You’ll look lovely with bangs, sis!”

15. A real knight will go far, even on a wooden horse.

16. Look, a frog! It’ll turn into a beautiful princess!

17. Even fairy-tale heroes must brush their teeth first!

18. “Mom, it wasn’t me!”

19. Plotting an adventure with a devoted friend

20. A gentleman is always ready to help a little lady.

21. “Whenever you fall, I’ll be there to help you get up, bro!”

22. A favorite spot for dreaming

23. “Oh, you’re so attentive, my beloved knight!”

24. “We can do the magic ourselves!”

25. Is there a fairy-tale bird with glowing feathers?

26. It’s the early bird who catches all the joy of life.

27. “F” is for fluffy friend.

28. “I will turn this pumpkin into a lovely beast!”

29. “Look, this is how your diaper works.”

30. Learning the best from David Copperfield

What’s a photo of your family that you’ve captured that makes you feel warm and cozy? Share it in the comments.


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