A French Artist Adds His Touch to Dull Street Objects, and We Wish We Had Heroes Like Him in Every City

3 years ago

Charles Leval, or Levalet, is a French artist who creates his street art masterpieces using humor and absurdity. Based in Paris, Levalet manages to brilliantly transform its walls, streets, sidewalks, and other ordinary objects into satirical pieces of art that express his worldview and challenge our modern way of life.

Bright Side collected 22 of the most impressive works by Levalet that certainly won't leave you indifferent.

22. Tapped

21. Incognito

20. Selfish

19. A fool's game

18. Reload

17. Sandman

16. Danse macabre

15. 15 minutes of fame

14. Minotaur

13. Public service

12. The order of things

11. Do not cross

10. Bankruptcy

9. Packaging

8. Conflict of interest

7. Striptease

6. Eternal return

5. Discipline

4. Transhumance

3. Dust to dust

2. Human resources

1. Romeo and Juliet

Which of Levalet's works impressed you the most? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Levalet / facebook


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