A Girl Asked a Stranger to Switch Seats on a Plane and Accidentally Changed Her Destiny

3 years ago

An American girl, Rosey Blair, and her boyfriend were on their way back home to Dallas but, unfortunately, their seats were not next to each other. Rosey asked a girl that was traveling alone to exchange seats adding that the person next to her could turn out to be the love of her life. At that moment, no one would have even thought that Rosey’s words would become prophetic.

This story gained more than 900,000 likes, 370,000 retweets, and 11,000 comments and Bright Side is going to tell you about it.

After Rosey has switched her seat with the other girl, she noticed that newly made travel companions started to have a nice chat. Since the flight was supposed to be long and boring, Rosey started to overhear what they were saying. The conversation she heard made her start broadcasting all the happening things to her Twitter account — she had one hour of free Wi-Fi.

“Rosey the detective” was watching the couple non-stop and came to the conclusion that they looked great together.

After some time, Rosey noticed that they started to show each other family photos.

The longer Rosey was broadcasting, the more people joined in. Soon thousands of users started to worry about the couple and waiting for the end. Viewers were sitting in front of their screens with a glass of wine and snacks glued to “the show.” One girl even took her phone into the shower so she wouldn’t miss a thing. When Rosey ran out of free Wi-Fi she bought additional time so she wouldn’t deprive spectators of this pleasure.

Rosey’s battery was running low and the plane was about to land.

The couple subscribed to each other’s Instagram, then the plane landed and they left it. Together! It seems their love story has just started.

After returning home, Rosey was so hyped and found the couple on Instagram. Now she is going to follow their destiny because it was her who made these 2 people happy.

This is Rosey and her boyfriend Houston

Bonus: One Twitter user shared photos of his boarding passes with Rosey saying that he had met his wonderful wife on a plane. He wrote that they had the seats next to each other and that they have been together for 10 years already.

We hope that the couple from our article will have a happy life together. Miracles do happen! Do you believe in them? Please share your thoughts in the comments!


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