A Girl From Russia Travels Around the World to Capture the Variety of Female Beauty, and We Can’t Get Enough

5 years ago

Beauty isn’t only about having an attractive face. Everything is beautiful — but not everyone sees it. Polina Brzhezinskaya, a photographer from Russia, understands this differently. Capturing the spectrum of female beauty from around the world, she is rewriting the story of being beautiful.

Bright Side recounts Polina’s tale from across the continents. Take a look:

1. “The most beautiful people in the world live right here...”

2. But, what is beauty? Who is beautiful?

3. It is beautiful... when the faces light up as bright as the colors!

4. And it doesn’t matter what our skin color is...

5. ...or the religion that we follow.

6. Regardless of how much we bare...

7. Or not!

8. Beauty is in our eyes...

9. Beauty is in our smiles...

10. Beauty is in our spirit...

11. Beauty is in the dreams of the youth... and the wisdom of the old!

12. Beauty is... discovering ourselves!

13. Beauty is... creating ourselves!

14. Beauty is... embracing ourselves!

15. Our most vulnerable, tender, gentle selves!

16. And our most raw, untamed, fierce selves!

17. Beauty is being different, independent...

18. ...being independent together!

19. Beauty is in our diversity... and in our bond!

20. Beauty is everyone. Everyone is beautiful. Everyone. Everything.

For Keats once said: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

Should beauty be dictated by a set of norms? Or geographical boundaries? What is beauty according to you?


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Amazing!! In times like today when we are constantly being bombarded with divisive ideas, someone trying to show how similar we all are, how much commonness we all share and the beauty that is in the diversity of humankind is the right message to share. Kudos for all the pain you took to bring out the beauty in being human!!


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