A Grandma Takes Part in a Photoshoot, Showing the Beauty of 70-Year-Old Bodies

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We all know and appreciate Coleen Garcia for being a beautiful, strong, and fierce mama to Amari Crawford. But recently, she pleasantly surprised us by sharing some remarkable photos that shed light on one of the reasons behind her radiance.

The pics were not typical family photos, though

Coleen lovingly celebrated her grandmother, Syra Garcia, also known as “Tata,” on her 70th birthday. The photos she shared were quite special, as they captured moments from a boudoir photoshoot that Tata had always desired to have.

She explained, “Tata wanted a boudoir shoot for her 70th birthday, and My Metro Photo made it happen!”

Happy 70th birthday!

In a heartfelt message, Coleen expressed her warm greetings to her grandmother on her 70th birthday, honoring her as a remarkable woman. She thanked her for imparting valuable lessons on strength, confidence, and empowerment, emphasizing the ongoing impact of her teachings. Coleen professed her love for her grandmother and conveyed everlasting gratitude for everything she has done.

“I love you, and I will forever be grateful for everything!”

The term “boudoir” has its roots in French and historically denotes a designated space where women could enjoy privacy and personal time. In recent years, boudoir photography has gained popularity as a trend, capturing sensual and intimate images of the subjects. It allows individuals to express their beauty, confidence, and sensuality in a tasteful and artistic manner.

Celebrity parents couldn’t help but admire Tata’s photos.

Tata’s photos captured the attention and admiration of several celebrity parents who are known for their advocacy of health, fitness, and body positivity. Notable personalities such as Isabelle Daza, Iya Villania, Katarina Rodriguez, and Iza Calzado were among those who couldn’t help but appreciate the beautiful snapshots.

Their support further highlighted the celebration of self-love, body confidence, and embracing one’s unique beauty.

The true beauty of aging lies in the radiant glow that emanates from within, reminding us that our hearts never grow old. Embracing this enchanting journey is an invitation to dance with life’s wonders and celebrate the extraordinary beauty of being.

Preview photo credit MY METRO PHOTO


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