Model at 73, How Colleen Heidemann Shows Us Age Is Nothing but a Random Number

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While the beauty industry keeps pushing the “never-aging” idea to women’s ears, not everyone is entirely obsessed with this trend. More and more women prefer to age naturally, gracefully, and with style. One such person who’s making a breakthrough in her fight against beauty stereotypes is a model named Colleen Heidemann, who turned 73 in 2022. This woman inspires many with the way she treats her gray hair and wrinkles as a beautiful accessory, and we’d love for you to take a dose of inspiration from her today.

The woman started her modeling career later in life.

Heidemann entered the beauty world when she was 69 years old. But she’s been into beauty and fashion all her life. Starting from her early years, she was captivated by the iconic beauty and gracious aura of actresses Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor. In an interview, she mentioned that these were only a few irresistibly stunning women who led Heidemann to the world of modeling by their example.

Her career happened unexpectedly, even for her, and now Heidemann is a successful model who never gets tired of saying “thank you” to those who helped her enter the fashion world. She became recognized because she doesn’t stereotype any image of herself and has a really diverse style, which helps her to always look and shine differently.

Heidemann has achievements and potential as an actress too.

The woman has already tried herself in the acting sphere and took a role in a horror flick, called Father of Flies. As she confessed in her interview, she does not usually like the genre of horror, but she was asked by her agency to try and read for the role of Mrs. Start. She depicted an elderly woman who lives in a ramshackle house in the woods and has befriended a young neighbor boy.

In her interview, she said she would love to pursue acting, and she has an outstanding opinion about her future roles.

She says, “I am passionate about seeing older women cast in leading roles outside the traditional, stereotypical grandmother image. I want her seen and able to be believed as a wonderfully strong, immensely intelligent, worldly, capable person, living life within her own reality.”

The model and actress has a great deal of self-care advice for her fans.

Heidemann confesses that today, she thinks even more than when she was younger, about the things she puts into her body. She doesn’t have bad habits, and her emphasis is always on vegetables, raw or grilled. She eats very little meat, mainly chicken and beef, but it happens only a few times during the year.

She is also committed to eating less dark chocolate. Very hot coffee is her passion, though she never drinks it like this. She has a significant amount of physical activity in her life. The woman dreams of hitting a tennis ball, taking ballet at the barre, and trying Pilates classes.

She expressed, “I sincerely believe that physical and mental stimulation are not maybe but must toward obtaining a better life ahead, one, hopefully, which might allow for so much more personal freedom, dignity, pride, and self-reliance!”

Which of the photos of Colleen Heidemann made the biggest impression on you? Who is your role model in the beauty and fashion world?

Preview photo credit colleen_heidemann / Instagram


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