A Grandmother With Face Tattoos and Piercings Is Firing Back at People Who Criticise Her Look

7 months ago

A viral woman has become the new TikTok sensation. With 29 piercings and face tattoos, she has become the face of uniqueness and boldness. Let’s dive in on her story.

Meet the tattooed grandma

TikTok sensation @lefthanded_granny has left the internet in awe with her distinctive style. The 41-year-old grandmother rocks an unconventional look showcasing 29 piercings (many on her face), vibrant tattoos, a diamond grill, and an array of colorful wigs. Dubbed the “tatted and pierced-up beauty,” her videos gained millions of views. She features questions from curious followers about the pain levels of different piercings and tattoos, her preferences, and future plans for body modifications.

When questioned about her current piercings, she shared that she has 20 on her face, one on her tongue, and three or five in her ears. She also has her nipples, frenum, and belly button done

The critics keep pouring in.

She often publishes her tattoos and piercing appointments on her TikTok account, asking for feedback from her followers. Most of the time, they aren’t pleasing. Responding to a comment, she firmly said she won’t regret her choices and that she feels beautiful. Another critic questioned the implications of old age and received a confident response, saying she will do whatever she wants with her body.

After her most recent addition—a pair of “lowbret” piercings just beneath her lower lip—she excitedly shared a follow-up video displaying her increasingly radiant face. Critics deemed it as too much and questioned her choices.

But she also gets praised.

Although negative comments are inevitable, her community constantly praises her. Admirers love her unique style, with comments calling her gorgeous and cute. Fans also compliment her pink hair and the distinctive chains on her piercings, with some calling her an icon.

Her family also appears to be genuinely supportive. When her daughter appeared in a TikTok video, she declared that she thought her mother was perfect just the way she was and that she wouldn’t want her to look like anybody else.

Her next piercing is controversial.

The TikTok sensation already expressed her desire for the ultimate face bling — a mandible piercing. This bold piercing, starting at the base of the tongue and emerging beneath the chin, goes through multiple layers of tissue along its path. The only issue is that this particular body art is considered illegal by piercers in the state of Indiana, where she currently lives.

Despite this issue, she is determined to get it. She believes that pretty soon, she will find somebody to do the piercing for her. And she is also convinced that the pain will be worth it.

When she displayed this desire, comments ranged from cautionary statements like “It’s illegal for a reason, sis” to expressions of fear and concern about the potential dangers associated with such a piercing.

Lefthanded_granny’s story resembles Melissa Sloan’s. While the most tattooed mother in the UK also loves the art on her face and doesn’t regret it, she is having difficulty finding a job. She used to clean toilets, but now they won’t accept her anymore because of her tattoos.

It’s important to remind ourselves that embracing and promoting inclusion for individuals with face and piercing tattoos is a significant step toward fostering a more diverse and accepting society. Encouraging open-mindedness allows us to appreciate the uniqueness of these people, promoting a culture where everyone feels acknowledged, respected, and valued for their individuality.


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