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There is beauty in uniqueness. All bodies are beautiful and come in different sizes, shapes, and features. Studies have found that although each body is unique, it is possible to categorize based on the similarities we share. These lead to various categories that each female body fits into.

Knowing your body shape is a useful tool when dressing and feeling confident in what you wear. So, let’s learn together all about your body shape.

The importance of knowing the female body type

Before we start talking completely about the different types of female bodies, it is important to note that all bodies are beautiful and unique. This categorization of bodies is part of a study, and it shows that, despite our differences, there are certain similarities that allow us to differentiate between one type of body and another.

Knowing what body type you belong to can be helpful when getting dressed. Within the fashion and personal stylist industry, the types of female bodies that are categorized as a rectangle, inverted triangle, oval, hourglass, and pear, serve to make more accurate decisions when dressing. The goal is to highlight the unique characteristics of each body and, mostly, to make you feel more confident.

1. The first body type we are going to talk about is a rectangle.

The rectangle body shape refers to those women who don’t have a major definition at the waistline and hips. Female bodies like this have the characteristic that the hips and shoulder width are very similar. Therefore, this female body has an athletic frame.

Some of the most common features of this type of female body are:

  • Small bustline
  • Straight shoulders
  • tendency to gain weight mostly in the upper back
  • Very little waist definition
  • Straight hips with a similar width as the shoulders
  • Almost no curves on the body frame
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In general, women with a rectangular body shape are characterized by being tall and thin. It is difficult to notice curves, and therefore when dressing this should be a point of consideration.

If you want to get the most out of this rectangular women’s body shape, here are some tips from fashion experts. Make tube tops your best friend and don’t be afraid to try different textures, cuts, and bright colors. Also, add belts to make an hourglass shape. Stay away from shapeless clothes and straight cuts.

Also, here’s another secret for rectangular female bodies to make the most of their shape. Just like supermodels would do, go ahead and add dimension to your silhouette. By adding garments with dimension, you create curves and break the straight shape of your body. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different cuts and structured clothes.

2. Inverted triangle shape is the next body type

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The inverted triangle is a female body shape that emphasizes a smaller lower body and wider upper body. To find out if you have this body shape, measure your shoulders and hips, and if your shoulders are wider, then this is your body type.

The inverted triangle-shaped woman tends to have these body features:

  • Gains weight mainly in the stomach area and upper body
  • The hips are generally narrow and the chest is larger
  • Shapely legs
  • Broad chest, shoulders, and back
  • Also, they have an athletic-looking body shape

To dress according to this body shape, make sure you have low-waisted jeans, peplum tops, skirts with front pockets to create more volume and satin dresses in your drawer. As for the cuts, always go for the V-necklines and flared dresses.

To avoid looking unflattering, steer clear of baggy clothes, pencil skirts that will only further accentuate your narrow lower body, and padded shoulder tops and blazers.

Celebrities with an inverted triangle shape, like Angelina Jolie, know how to change their body shape by creating an hourglass illusion. The goal is to create the best balance between the shoulders and hips, with a waist as defined as possible. That’s why styles that add more volume to the hips are always the best option.

Another expert tip is to play with colors and create this illusion by wearing a darker top and a lighter bottom.

3. The apple body shape is also known as an oval.

The next type of female bodies is the apple body shape, also known as the oval. Apple-shaped women have a larger bust, a pronounced belly, and wide hips. Most of the time, an increase in body weight accumulates in the chest and abdomen, while the legs remain thin.

Female bodies with an oval or apple shape generally share these characteristics:

  • Similar bust, waist, and hip measurements
  • Curvy shape
  • Undefined waistline
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Slim legs in comparison to the rest of their body
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Apple-shaped women can change the shape of their bodies by focusing on the top or bottom, keeping attention away from areas with more volume, like the belly area. Choose V-shaped tops to elongate the torso, and always opt for looser fabrics.

Also, to enhance these types of women’s bodies, stick to solid color dresses and avoid very tight clothing. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but you will look amazing with your body shape.

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As the goal is to add the most attention to the chest and neckline, women with an oval body type should avoid oversized pieces, turtlenecks, or stiff fabrics. As a tip, follow in the footsteps of celebrities with this silhouette and choose to create vertical lines with your garments.

4. Another more common type of female body is the hourglass shape.

Another female body type is the hourglass shape. This type of silhouette is characterized by the fact that both the shoulders and the hips have similar measurements, with the difference that the waist is smaller. Therefore, women with this body type tend to focus the most attention on the waist and create curves between the chest and hips.

If you want to know if you belong to this female body type group, check on the following characteristics:

  • Defined waistline
  • The hips have a rounded shape
  • Thighs tend to be bigger and thick
  • The bottom and upper body parts are equally broad
  • When the body gains weight, it usually distributes evenly throughout the whole body

This special type of female body is known to be naturally balanced and proportionate. If you are one of those who has an hourglass-shaped body, you can take advantage of your natural silhouette when it comes to dressing. The secret is to highlight the waist.

Expert advice is to follow your body shape as it is, being careful not to throw it off balance by adding heavy tops and bottoms. To keep your body shape in the right proportions, keep your style away from straight, shapeless clothes.

Now is the time to dive into your closet. If you have an hourglass figure, we recommend wearing V-necks and crew necks, this will highlight the proper proportions of your upper body. Choose tailored blouses and, generally, dresses and shirts that fit the natural shape of your hourglass body.

Try to avoid oversized garments, those garments that provide too much volume on the shoulders or hips, as well as garments with excessive prints on the chest. Get inspired by the looks of celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez, and let your inner fashion guru experiment with your natural body shape.

5. And finally, we have the pear-shaped body type.

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The pear body is also known as a triangle. The difference with the inverted triangle body type is precisely that, in this case, a triangular shape is literally followed. The shoulders are usually narrower than the hips.

Some of the main characteristics of the pear-shaped female body type are:

  • The weight distributes mostly on the lower hips and thighs
  • The upper body part is small
  • The waist is very defined
  • Large hips
  • Thick thighs
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For women with this pear-shaped body type, when choosing what to wear, it is recommended to draw attention away from the hips and focus on the upper body. Thus creating a balance with the hips that tend to be longer and defining the smaller waist.

It is important to take care of the proportions so that they are as balanced as possible and highlight the upper body. Some expert advice that never fails is to create layers in the upper part, choose structured garments in the shoulder area, and opt for colors and fabrics that highlight the upper part.

To make the most of your naturally small waist, try to not give your lower body too much prominence. Choose dark or neutral colors, opt for those wide-leg pants to add a more balanced dimension with the rest of the body, or bootleg cuts.

The pear-shaped female body type is all about accentuating the waist, so flared skirts and wrap dresses are always a good choice. Don’t be afraid of ruffles and layers. Play around with different jackets, coats, and tops to create different looks that add proportion between the top and bottom of your pear body type.

A kindly reminder to embrace and rock your body shape the way it is.

As we said at the beginning of this article, each body is beautiful and special. The difference between one type of female figure and another is the way the weight is distributed on the body. There are genetic factors that determine how this distribution will be throughout the body and that we cannot change. That is why it is important to remind ourselves that there is no ideal body shape.

Appreciating these differences is paramount to being at peace with our bodies. Value everything your body is capable of doing, remember that beauty comes from within, stay away from negative comments, be selective with what you see on social media, and mostly, wear what inspires your self-confidence. These tips here are designed for you to get the best version of yourself.

Was this guide useful for knowing your body type? Let us know in the comments below and share with us what body shape you have!


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