A Heroic Homeless Person Prevents a Baby From Rolling Into Traffic

4 months ago

A man caught an out-of-control stroller just in time. An agonizing video showed a woman tripping and falling with the stroller rolling toward traffic. But luckily, a good samaritan jumped into action and saved the child.

A heart-stopping video was captured of a man who caught an out-of-control stroller with a baby inside just before it almost rolled onto a 4-lane highway. The stroller had been pushed by a woman who tripped and fell.

Ron Nessman was sitting on a bench at a nearby carwash when he noticed strong winds propelling a baby stroller toward a highway. He had experienced homelessness for 8 years.

Later, he said, “I didn’t have time to even think about it. You just react.”

Fortunately, superheroes like Nessman can be found throughout our history. In the nineteenth century, Ida Lewis, a lighthouse keeper, saved several lives. When she was just 12, she saved 4 men after their boat capsized in the water. And a few years later, she rescued 2 more men at sea after their boat overturned. She was the first woman ever to receive the Gold Lifesaving Medal.


So very glad that he jumped into quick action and didn't second guess himself. He's a very kind person to immediately spring into action. I'm sure that mother will be eternally grateful to him for saving her baby. The fear would have been overwhelming to experience this kind of accident. I'm so glad that he was there to help.

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