A Japanese Company Adopts Rescue Cats to Reduce Work Stress, and It’s a Dream Come True

4 years ago

Imagine if every day was “take your pet to work” day. Well, employees of this Japanese company don’t have to. Not only are they allowed to take their pets to the office daily, but some of these cute animals also live there. And what they can do for a country famous for having a workaholic and anxiety crisis is worth sharing.

Bright Side is thrilled to show you how the world is recognizing that animals and humans are natural partners and can help each other out.

Offices at the Ferray Corporation, an internet solutions company in Tokyo, look like any other modern workplace, except for one thing: They’re full of cats.

Managers at the company were concerned about their employees’ stress levels. They knew the presence of animals could help reduce anxiety, but because of Tokyo’s tiny apartments, many of their employees’ buildings prohibited pets.

So they came up with an idea: Pay their workers to adopt or rescue cats. The kitties would live at the office making it easy for the employees to come into contact with them and get their daily dose of animal cuteness.

The idea instantly caught the attention of the employees. Many signed up for the project and received 5,000 yen, around $45, for each cat they adopted or rescued. Some even adopted more than one cat!

The solution was a success. Since these feline co-workers have been readily available for hugs, managers have reported that productivity has increased, stress levels have declined, and communication inside the office has improved. That’s what we would call a good office culture.

And even though it may seem like the humans got the best part of the deal, we beg to differ. These cats are now living a safe and comfortable life away from the streets, sure, but best of all, they now have a home and a family bigger than they could’ve ever imagined.

Oh the heaven of “bring your pet to work day” every day! Do you believe other companies should copy this idea? Maybe yours? Share your thoughts below!


Ok, according to recent news, we need to make working days shorter, nap at work and adopt cats! I love the idea!
The only question is how to make our employers implement it? :D
In the nowadays world which is filled with stress at work, this idea is more than just amazing

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