A Man Accidentally Finds an Abandoned Baby in a Box and Decides to Adopt Her

9 months ago

It’s not a common thing to have life-changing encounters right at the workplace. Though, one day became truly unforgettable for a firefighter who seemed to be destined to open an unexpected surprise. And little did he know that he was just about to meet a pure little miracle his family was waiting for so many years.

What is the Safe Haven Baby Box?

Six months ago, someone dropped off a newborn baby in a Safe Haven box. It was the only climate-controlled box in Florida located right at a Fire Rescue Station. And it was designed specially for such cases.

If, for instance, a woman is struggling with parenting after giving birth, has many concerns and is looking for available options for her baby, leaving it in this box may be the best choice she could make. It’s completely safe for a kid and will give services an opportunity to provide further private adoption.

That’s exactly what happened in this case. Suddenly, at the Fire Rescue Station, the alarm went off. A firefighter came to check the box and found a little girl inside with a shoelace tying off her umbilical cord. Never did he imagine that he and his wife would get their first baby in such an unusual way.

They tried to start a family for a very long time.

The married couple had been trying to start a family for a decade. So they took it all as a blessing and began the adoption process right after the baby was quickly moved to the nearest hospital. Seems like they have fallen in love with the little girl from the first sight.

“It wasn’t real until I got the call I could go in there with her in the NICU,” said the adoptive mother. “We’ve been trying for almost a decade to have a family, and everything has kind of not worked out for us. So we are like, ‘Don’t get our hopes up, don’t get our hopes up.’”

Both adoptive parents commend the biological mother for her decision.

The adoptive parents say that they all were just in disbelief. They simply couldn’t believe the so-wanted baby was hand-delivered to them and that everything worked itself out so fast and easily. They were able to bring their precious girl home just after two days she was found in the box.

And despite the fact the kid was abandoned by her mother, both adoptive parents commend her for her decision. “I think it’s very respectable, what she did,” said Zoey’s adoptive mother. “We really felt in our hearts that we wanted to let the birth mom know in some way, shape or form that she is safe, she is happy, and she is very loved.”

The boxes have already saved many abandoned babies’ lives

The founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Monica Kelsey, was an abandoned infant herself. She says, she never really looked at herself as someone who was going to change other people’s lives. Yet still, she wanted to put a few boxes and save at least some babies that otherwise may be found deceased.

They never knew any kid would be ever adopted, but they expected that one day one baby would find its new parents in such a way. “We’ve had 10 [babies abandoned in boxes] this year in 2023, this is a record year for us,” said Kelsey. “But it’s working. And this little girl is proof that these boxes are needed in Florida.”

Such boxes installed in a wall near hospitals or fire stations are really a great idea. When the outer door locks from the outside, rescuers immediately receive a signal, so a child could get medical attention in less than 2 minutes.

Monica Kelsey said she’ll be happy to install one box at any fire station or hospital if requested. And hopefully there are even more people out there that will be glad to help, adopt all these kids and surround them with love they undoubtedly deserve.

Preview photo credit CBS Miami / YouTube


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