A Man Rescued a Baby Squirrel From Death, and Now the Whole Internet Is in Love With It

5 years ago

One freezing March morning in New York, little Thumbelina was born. Brought to humans and abandoned by her squirrel mom, it felt like this little baby wouldn’t survive. These humans were surprised to find her in their bed but they decided not to give up on her and handed her over to the wildlife rehabilitators. This was when everyone realized that Thumbelina was one of a kind.

Bright Side found a touching story about a little ambassador squirrel. She helps people to understand one simple truth: “Each little life is big to the one living it.”

Due to the destruction of her squirrel nest, Thumbelina’s mom found a very extraordinary way to save her little children: to sneak into a human’s house. Then she worked hard to provide everything necessary: she found leaves and twigs and brought them to her children’s new “nest”. When the owners came back and found these new “guests” under their pillow, they were nothing short of surprised.

The mom squirrel tirelessly kept providing the “nest” with all the necessary materials and didn’t even think about getting her kids back to wildlife with her. She decided not to return ever again, and the 2 newborn sister-squirrels were adopted by their new human family — 2 local rehabbers, Christina and Michael.

Sadly, one sister passed away just a few hours later, but tiny pink Thumbelina got a second chance at a new, safer life.

Christina and Michael try to release all rescued squirrels back into the wild, but Thumbelina required some special handling. Due to missing out on the birthing season and having almost no bonding with her kind, it was decided to let Thumb stay with the humans.

Thumbelina is different from her fellow squirrels: she developed slower, opened her eyes later than normal baby squirrels and being rather old, she preferred milk rather than real food. Thumb wasn’t fond of jumping and running around — playing and cuddling with her new parents was the most interesting activity for her.

Thumb is afraid of other squirrels. Even her own reflection appears to be something scary. “She probably thinks that she is not a squirrel herself,” said her owners.

Right now Thumbelina spends her days eating sugar snap peas, arugula and avocado, “helping” her human mom with groceries and, of course, playing. Every day is like a little adventure for her, and her owners try to do everything to surround her with love and care.

“Just chilling with Mommy”

Just look at this little tubby with her spinach! It’s impossible to resist and not to fall in love with her!

“Who said animals can’t look classy?”

Have you ever rescued an animal yourself? Did you let it stay with you or did you bring it back to its habitat? Share your experiences with us in the comment section!


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