A Man, Who Looks 20 at 57, Explains Why He Doesn’t Want to Be Called “Forever Young”

8 months ago

Chuando Tan, a renowned photographer from Singapore, captured global attention for his captivating portraits of others and his remarkable self-portraits. Born in 1966, Chuando, now 57 years old, possesses an incredibly youthful appearance that defies his actual age.

Chuando Tan has been fit since he started his career.

Once a model in the 1980s and even a pop singer in the ’90s, this Singaporean man, Chuando Tan, transitioned into a career in photography after his singing pursuits waned. Unexpectedly, a deviation from his usual work set a new trajectory for him.

In an interview, the photographer recounted, “I created an Instagram account after friends mentioned that clients nowadays consider a photographer’s social media following. To liven up my feed, I decided to share my thoughts through captions and posted a few self-portraits.”

Users quickly took notice of Tan’s seemingly unchanging appearance despite his 57 years. Speculation arose, with some attributing it to genetics, while others credited Singapore’s clean air, quality healthcare, and high-end products. Let us delve into the photographer’s daily routine to verify these conjectures.

His breakfast is simple.

Tan adheres to the belief that one’s dietary choices play a significant role in both their overall well-being and physical appearance, accounting for 70% of the equation, while exercise contributes 30%. This principle guides his choices, such as consuming six hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, excluding two yolks due to cholesterol concerns. He complements his morning meal with a glass of milk and occasionally incorporates avocado with berries, offering a substantial protein and energy boost to kickstart his day.

Tan’s meals consist of chicken with rice, grilled vegetables, and fish soup throughout the day. Despite his weakness for ice cream, he indulges in it strictly during the first half of the day. Tan consciously avoids coffee and tea, opting instead for ample water consumption.

He dedicates approximately 90 minutes to exercise.

Tan incorporates strength training into his routine, aiming for four weekly sessions, but adjusts to at least three when busy. He spends around 30 minutes on this activity. After strength training, he follows it up with cardio training, opting for brisk walking on a treadmill instead of jogging due to a knee injury. Additionally, he prioritizes swimming, aiming to swim for about an hour every day at an evening swimming pool.

He doesn’t use skincare items.

While there are speculations that Tan undergoes plastic surgery or utilizes special cosmetics, he clarifies his approach, stating, “I have sensitive skin that’s why there are only 2 things I use daily: gel face wash and moisturizing cream.”

Although Tan received a gifted Botox procedure in the past, he was dissatisfied with the outcome and decided against further visits to cosmetologists. However, he does admit to using hair dye to address his gray hair.

He doesn’t take a bath late.

In reality, Tan prioritizes maintaining a consistent sleep schedule by avoiding staying up past 11 PM and waking up early each day. He firmly believes that working late into the night or watching movies past midnight does not contribute to good health. He refrains from eating 5-6 hours before bedtime to ensure quality sleep.

Chuando asserts, “Trust me, going to bed early is worth it. Having had enough sleep, you’ll be able to do more things during the day rather than if you work at night.”

He doesn’t think is fair to call him ’forever young.’

During a recent interview for a series on longevity, he openly acknowledged that the incessant inquiries regarding his timeless appearance “eventually gets to me. I do feel the pressure. Because, deep inside, I know I’m not that young. I’m aging. So I’m not going to give the false impression that I’m forever young. Maybe they all want a shortcut, a secret to how to keep their youth right?”

Tan contemplates the process of growing old. He candidly expressed, “I would be lying if I say that it never crossed my mind that I want to learn how not to age. But this is something that you can’t avoid because aging is inevitable.”

When Chuando Tan experienced the overwhelming surge of viral fame, he found himself inundated with an immense amount of attention. He has even talked about the downsides of internet fame.


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