Man With 98% Body Burns Raises Daughters Alone After His Wife Abandoned Him

7 months ago

Meet Chris, a man whose extraordinary journey through life has been marked by both physical and societal challenges. Despite his body being 98 percent burned, Chris has faced discrimination at every turn. His strength, however, has become a beacon of inspiration for the world. Through the highs and lows, he stands as a living example of resilience, showcasing the transformative power of hope and the ability to inspire others through the sheer force of one’s own perseverance.

An accident that changed the whole course of his life.

Chris Tomlinson’s life took a drastic turn when, as a resilient and adventurous toddler, he faced a harrowing accident that would alter the course of his existence. Born a healthy and normal baby, Chris’s life would be put to the ultimate test before his second birthday.

In a cruel twist of fate, the baby found himself in a life-threatening situation while innocently playing in his family’s shed. In a matter of minutes, disaster struck when he accidentally knocked over a can of gasoline, engulfing him in flames. The pilot light on the hot water heater, seemingly innocuous, became the catalyst for a tragedy that would leave Chris with burns covering a staggering 98% of his tiny body.

Rushed to the hospital in the wake of the horrific incident, the extent of the damage was so severe that survival seemed like an insurmountable challenge. With only a one percent chance of making it through the night, the odds were overwhelmingly grim.

Surviving against all odds

Miraculously, Chris survived, but his journey wasn’t easy. He endured over 200 surgeries and spent much of his youth in hospitals. Reflecting on his arduous journey, Chris shared, “I always found the positivity in everything. I had this big old smile on my face. It wasn’t just by my own strength, it was God who was there for me the whole time.” His unwavering faith and positive outlook became a guiding light.

Against all expectations, the courageous young Chris not only survived but refused to surrender to adversity. However, the road ahead was far from smooth. Throughout Chris Tomlinson’s life, medical professionals consistently cautioned him about the potential repercussions of the numerous medications and surgeries he had undergone. One particularly poignant warning loomed large — the prospect that he might never be able to have children.

Chris has experienced many difficulties but managed to form his own family.

Despite being told he might not have children due to his injuries, Chris Tomlinson defied expectations and became a father to two daughters. His journey into adulthood was marked by resilience, but challenges persisted. His physical injuries made it difficult to find work, leading to homelessness.

Tomlinson went through several job interviews, only to hear repeatedly from employers that he wasn’t physically fit for the positions. This unfortunate turn of events led the unemployed father to bring his family to a shelter, a heartbreaking experience.

Surprisingly, he discovered a source of hope and assistance in an unexpected place—Reddit. After sharing his story on the online platform, he gained a supportive community, with many individuals offering financial help. His primary objective wasn’t to elicit pity, but to initiate a profound conversation regarding the societal perceptions and treatment of individuals with disabilities.

Surprisingly, this candid sharing turned into a channel for some unexpected support and good vibes. Chris’s story hit home for a lot of people, leaving a lasting impression and serving as a pick-me-up for those who came across it. But it wasn’t just a one-way street. Chris found himself dishing out helpful advice and cheering up the family of another burn victim, showing how one story can spark a whole chain reaction.

Using the platform to connect with fellow burn survivors, users also generously sent donations to the father through PayPal, enabling him to establish a stable home for his children. Tomlinson was also excited about the prospect of obtaining prosthetic hands and expressed happiness for having the financial means to attend therapy appointments.

Despite being grateful for the outpouring of love and support, he made it clear that such assistance was not his initial intention when creating the page. He clarified, “I appreciate the help, but I did not start this [page] for this. I just wanted to inform people about who I am, what I’ve gone through, and the life of someone disabled. Again, I appreciate everyone’s help.”

His wife left him to raise their children alone.

Chris Tomlinson’s journey has been a rollercoaster, marked by both resilience and heartache. He not only became a catalyst for change, urging people to reflect on their treatment of others, but also experienced the kindness of strangers that helped him navigate challenging times. Striving to provide for his kids was always a priority, especially when tragedy struck and his wife left, leaving him to raise their daughters alone. His wife of 14 years walked out, intensifying his concerns about providing for his family.

Describing the heartache as “horrible,” Chris found solace and renewed purpose in his children. Their smiles and hugs became a powerful reminder to press on, motivating him during the difficult times. Seeking refuge, Chris and his daughters returned to his hometown in Florida, a place with deep personal significance. Tomlinson has many reasons to take pride in himself, but his most remarkable achievement is undoubtedly being a father.

Chris’ story serves as a real example of strength, and we have a bunch of other stories about burn victims, like the one of this singer.


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