A Mom of 4 Reveals She Breastfed Her Husband for 3 Days to Relieve Her Pain

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Janelle, 32, shocked the Internet when she revealed that she had to breastfeed her husband, Joshua, for 3 days. And this young woman’s experience with nursing doesn’t stop here. We want to share the jaw-dropping journey of this mother of 4 who got totally honest about the importance of breastfeeding.

Janelle took to TikTok to recall her recent vacation in Puerto Rico, admitting that ’’desperate times called for desperate measures.’’ She explained that she and her husband, Joshua, were on a 4-day vacation, but she forgot to pack her breast pump.

After one day of not pumping, the mama noted that her breasts felt like they ’’were on fire.’’
In the video she shared online, Janelle noted, ’’You know the part in your marriage vows, ’for better or for worse?’ Well, I had to take my husband up on that this last week.’’

This is how she asked her husband to ’’help her out,’’ and she ended the clip by confirming, ’’I had to breastfeed my husband.’’

The video became widely popular, collecting, to this date, almost 15,000 likes as well as an array of different reactions and comments from shocked viewers.

One person even wondered, “Any reason you didn’t just hand pump?” And Janelle responded, ’’I tried so hard, but for some reason, it wasn’t working until I had some suction going."

Her husband had to try her breast milk again.

In a different video that went viral, Janelle prepared a blind taste test for her husband, where she tricked him into drinking her breast milk. Without him seeing which was which, Joshua had to drink oat, whole, almond, and breast milk and guess each drink.

And as he tried the breast milk, Joshua had an immediate reaction of discomfort on his face, and he noted, ’’That’s your breast milk. I’m positive.’’

She also nurses her sister-in-law’s son.

Janelle emphasized the importance of nursing, explaining ’’I love breastfeeding, it’s such a great bonding experience with the mom and the baby.’’

This is why when her sister-in-law, Lisa, had been struggling to nurse her son because of milk supply issues, Janelle had to step in to help out. ’’It wasn’t even a question.’’ The 32-year-old noted, ’’It’s something that always came really easy for me. I enjoy doing it, and I don’t think it’s weird.’’

In fact, Janelle is on a mission to ’’shed some light on breastfeeding’’ and end the ’’different stigmas around it.’’

And when she got criticized by some people who said they ’’would not be comfortable with their child being fed by someone else,’’ the mom of 4 wondered why she was receiving backlash. She noted, ’’Is it disgusting when you’re drinking cow’s milk? You don’t know where that cow’s been.’’

When it comes to her sister-in-law, she is very thankful to Janelle for helping her out in the situation.
Lisa admitted, ’’I let Janelle breastfeed my child to help [him], to give him great nutrients, to keep him from going hungry, and to keep him healthy and happy. I was lucky that I had Janelle.’’

And when it comes to her husband, Joshua, the young man is proud of his wife’s generous act and says, ’’I love it. I think it’s really cool.’’ He also described the process as ’’incredibly natural’’ and ’’an amazing thing.’’

What is your opinion on breastfeeding children other than your own?


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She did what she had to do and I tip my hat off to her and her whole family.


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