A Mom Prepares Dishes That Are So Lovable, It Would Be a Crime to Eat Them

3 years ago

Cooking is difficult for some people with limited culinary skills, so getting a child to eat food without a protest is quite an achievement. It doesn’t matter if the meal turned out tasty or not. Many kids will simply reject meals, arguing that the food isn’t as good as their grandmother’s or saying that it looks boring. With this in mind, Etoni Mama, a teacher of the art of bento cooking (Asian take-out food), designs meals with cartoonish characters that seem to come to life.

Bright Side gathered 30 pictures of this culinary artist’s recipes. Let them serve as a testimony that mixing ingredients with a pinch of talent, a cup of creativity, and a spoonful of love is all you need to create characters so adorable that you won’t know whether to eat or hug them.

1. “I don’t know if I should ask for a Pokéball to catch it or a fork to eat it!”

2. “Don’t you want to eat? What if I ask you while making this cute face?”

3. “We’re having bananas for dessert.”

4. “This is so adorable, we want a bite.”

5. Looks nutritious, lovable, and delicious!

6. Is this as easy to prepare as it looks in the picture?

7. The incredible feeling of experiencing hunger and tenderness at the same time

8. “I would eat them with the same happy face that they have.”

9. It looks like it’s saying, “You can eat me if you want.”

10. “Mom, the food is smiling at me!”

11. How we feel when we see these meals:

12. “Don’t eat me!” (Don’t worry, we will...)

13. It looks like those marshmallows are having a good time.

14. They look so happy. Too bad they don’t know they’re about to be eaten!

15. That food must be like summer for Olaf!

16. What’s better than eating Olaf? Having an Olaf army on your plate!

17. Wow, what a surprise it must be to peel a banana and find a famous face smiling right back at you!

18. “I can’t say which ingredients are in this food, but I would try it without hesitation.”

19. The perfect dinner snack to eat after watching you know what movie...

20. There are only a few times when we can say the Star Wars’ characters look cute — and this is one of them!

21. A minute of silence for the sweet potato that was “attacked” without mercy by a hungry savage...

22. “Mike Wazowski, you didn’t order lunch last night!”

23. “Hey, those monsters don’t make me scared, they make me hungry!”

24. “You saved us and we are grateful.”

25. No matter how cute Lotso looks, Woody would never want to eat that.

26. Baymax is adorable, even as food!

27. The face your meal makes when it realizes you’re about to swallow it:

28. “I’ll eat you first and then you, you, and you and you...”

29. Hey, this looks like something we could do at home!

30. “Mom, there are monsters in my chocolate bar!”

Which of these bento-boxes did you like the most? Do you enjoy cooking? What are your strategies to get children to eat their food? Please tell us and don’t forget to share photos of something you’ve cooked in the comment section. We’re sure your meals are delicious!


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