A Mom Refuses to Get Rid of Her Child’s Nits Because She’s Vegan

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11 months ago

When your child gets head lice, you usually do everything you can to get rid of them as soon as possible. However, a mom from Australia is taking a different approach — she doesn’t want to harm the bugs at all. She shared her decision, which has sparked a BIG reaction from another parent.

A mom doesn’t want to harm the nits AT ALL.

A concerned parent reached out to an advice column seeking guidance regarding a perplexing situation involving her neighbor. The neighbor’s stance on addressing her daughter’s head bugs has left the parent troubled. The source of the predicament lies in the neighbor’s commitment to a vegan lifestyle, which extends to not wanting to cause harm to living organisms.

The parent’s seven-year-old is friends with the vegan girl next door. Despite respecting their lifestyle, the situation turned complicated when the vegan girl visited, scratching her head vigorously. Investigation revealed head lice.

And she even considered ways to help them survive for a longer time.

The concerned parent found out that she had head lice. When the parent told the vegan girl’s mom about the bugs, the mom acknowledged them but didn’t want to hurt them because of her vegan beliefs.

“She told me she was in the practice of combing the lice and nits into the garden where they had the best chance of survival,” the poster continued.

But the other parent didn’t quite like it.

She told the poster what she really thought — that the other mom was acting a bit self-righteous.

She then continued to express that she believed the mom’s actions were like those of a “not-so-nice” person, as she seemed to be causing the nits to experience a “slow and uncomfortable” end due to their inability to survive in the garden.

Then, she jokingly advised the poster to take matters into her own hands and set up the bathroom to “play hairdressers” and remove the lice herself.


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