Fans Rush to Support Henry Cavill as He Reveals Heartbreaking Personal News

11 months ago

“I’m sorry for your loss,” was commented countless times in a post where Henry Cavill got candid about his latest heartbreak. The actor took time on social media to explain what happened and people gave him all the support.

The dog the actor shared with his girlfriend passed away.

Taking to Instagram, Henry Cavill delivered unexpected and poignant news. The actor shared an emotionally charged post, where he revealed the heartbreaking loss of his beloved dog, Meat, earlier in the year.

“Back in April, our French Bulldog, Meat, died,” he wrote. “He lived a very long life (14 and a half years) and his last years were filled with adventure and fun. Nevertheless, his passing hurt. It hurt a lot. Life must go on, however, and it did, but there was a hole in our hearts that needed nourishing.”

Shortly before Meat passed away, Henry and his girlfriend, 32-year-old Natalie Viscuso, were seen at a vet clinic in Turkey, with media claiming the dog was ill.

Viscuso also turned to Instagram to share the sad news. “Love you forever,” she captioned a black and white photo of her holding Meat in her arms. “Rest in peace, sweet boy.”

There’s a new addition to the family.

In the same statement where Cavill revealed the passing of Meat, he shared different news. As the former Superman contemplated the profound effect of losing his cherished pet, he and Natalie discovered a path to healing and unveiled their newest family member: a puppy they affectionately named Baggins.

“There is no replacing Meatboi, but Natalie and I have opened a new chapter in our lives, in a few ways, and this little chap is one of them! This is Baggins,” he wrote in the post that featured two photos of the small French Bulldog and Cavill’s other dog Kal, an American Akita. “Kal is being a rather tropey grumpy old man, and Baggins is ever enthusiastic to make friends. Baggins is a little wonder and also a little terror, just as puppies should be, and he is indeed nourishing our hearts.”

Dogs are often referred to as “Men’s best friend,” but in some cases they go even further than their best friend duties: they become heroes. Blue is the latest example of it, a dog who rescued a one-year-old baby from a devastating house fire.

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