“Thought It Was His Daughter,” Chris Evans’ 16-Year Age Gap With His Wife Sparks Controversy

9 months ago

Chris Evans, the 42-year-old Marvel star, recently got married to his 26-year-old girlfriend, Alba Baptista, in Cape Cod over the weekend. However, the couple’s age gap has sparked controversy and criticism on social media. Many people have taken to Twitter to express their disapproval of the relationship, with some calling it “creepy”.

That 16 yr age gap would’ve been ON EVERY SINGLE HEADLINE IF IT WASN’T CHRIS EVANS I SAID WHAT I SAID,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Thought it was his daughter,” exclaimed another.

Another user expressed their opinion strongly, labeling the 16-year age gap as “gross” and emphasizing, “Even if you’re Chris Evans.

A concerned commenter noted, “Chris Evans has said he’s wanted a family for years, then he gets a girlfriend who’s 16 years younger and still of age to start a family (as opposed to him), the wedding seems rushed, and she’s new in the industry and just starting up her career, this feels extremely icky to me.

Another comment pointed out the double standard in the way that age gaps in relationships are perceived, “All I’m saying is when Priyanka Chopra married Nick Jonas, people are calling her ‘grandma’ and all that stuff, since she’s 11 years older than him. But when it’s Chris Evans marrying a woman who is 16 years his junior, the age gap doesn’t matter. Make it make sense, come on!

While some people have expressed negative opinions about Chris Evans and Alba Baptista’s age gap, others have defended the couple and expressed their happiness for them.

One commenter joked, “This entire ‘age gap’ discourse makes me think y’all are just salty that Chris Evans didn’t marry YOU.

Another said, “Even if those two consenting adults didn’t have an age gap y’all were gonna find something wrong with Chris Evans’ relationship. Y’all wanted him to be a bachelor for life.

Some accused fans of jealousy, saying, “The entire discourse about the age gap between Chris Evans and his wife boils down to the fact that you people are trying to find an excuse to call it ‘creepy’ and ‘problematic’ because deep down you’re, frankly, jealous of her.

While opinions remain divided on Chris Evans’ marriage, we’ve uncovered something even more astonishing about the star. In our upcoming article, we’ll take you behind closed doors to reveal the hush-hush details of his secret wedding, proving that his personal life is just as intriguing as his on-screen endeavors.


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my wife and I met at the
same ages and 17 years later we're still happily together. Sometimes you just meet in the middle


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