A Mom Who “Lived With That Huge Belly” Shows the Raw Side of Parenthood in Revealing Photos

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4 months ago

“I was too big to fit in my car,” a woman heavily pregnant with triplets has surprised everyone by discovering an unexpected purpose for her significantly swollen bump. She has also updated us about her life during and after pregnancy. Now, let’s take a look at her photos and learn more about her story.

Meet Monetress Washington

Known as Monetress on social media, where she goes by the username @tripletsmamaplus3, she frequently shares videos that offer glimpses into her bustling life. Recently, her videos have focused on her eventful pregnancy journey.

In a recent TikTok clip, Monetress shared a moment from her 33rd week of pregnancy. Her fundal height, the measurement between the top of her uterus and pubic bone, was 20 inches, and her abdominal circumference measured 51 inches.

“My baby girls arrived exactly 6 days later,” she joyfully added in the caption of the video, which has now been viewed over a million times.

After the girls’ arrival, Monetress’s heart was overflowing with joy, and her family of eight felt whole, as she exclaimed in an Instagram post. The remarkable and miraculous events leading up to this moment left Monetress humbled and immensely blessed. She expressed her gratitude for this incredible experience, as her heart overflowed with joy after the girls’ arrival.

She also surprised everyone with an unexpected use for her hugely swollen bump. She shared a lighthearted video showcasing how she put her belly bump to good use by balancing a bowl of cereal on top of it.

With a beaming smile, the mother-of-six enjoyed her breakfast while being 30 weeks pregnant. The amusing clip quickly went viral, amassing over 151,900 views. Just three weeks later, Monetress welcomed her bundles of joy — Yuri, Bellamy, and Ciri.

Amidst the humorous TikTok video, comments from viewers poured in. “Cool, I did that when I was pregnant,” one woman wrote. “Now I know why it’s good to be pregnant,” a second joked. A third exclaimed, “Girl, how’d you manage with that big of a belly? I had twins, and at the end, I was so big it was like a blimp.”

The busy parent, who already had three children before welcoming the triplets, fearlessly documented her pregnancy journey on social media. At one point, she candidly admitted that her belly had grown so much that she could barely drive, as it nearly touched the steering wheel. As she puts it, “I was too big to fit in my car.”

Motherhood and the journey of giving birth are anything but easy. It involves physical and emotional challenges, from pregnancy’s discomforts to the demanding labor and delivery process. Yet, amidst the trials, the boundless love and incomparable moments of joy make it an immensely rewarding experience.


I truly feel for her as I can only imagine how incredibly busy she is and how tired she will become at the end of each day. I hope that she has a support system for some help with her children and occasional rest and self care for her. I wish them all the best in the world, success, and happiness.

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