A NYC Photographer Captures Pit Bulls in Flower Crowns to Save the Lives of These “Dangerous” Dogs

4 years ago

For many years, Pit Bulls have been demonized by society for being aggressive toward people and other animals. As a result, they often get abused, abandoned by their owners, and doomed to stay in shelters for the rest of their lives. To destroy this unfair reputation, photographer Sophie Gamand started a project called Pit Bull Flower Power. Since 2014, she’s been traveling around the USA to take photos of shelter Pit Bulls in need of adoption and sharing them on social media. Her charming portraits of the dogs wearing flower crowns have completely changed their fate and have helped people to look at these dogs in a new, softer light.

Bright Side put together 25 of the most powerful of Gamand’s photos that will make you want to adopt a Pit Bull right away.

25. Rodger

24. Blossom

23. Cali

22. Roxie

21. Rum

20. Houston

19. Murdock

18. Aden

17. Brenda

16. Topaz

15. Bubba

14. Rumple

13. Tank

12. Frida

11. Captain Kidd

10. Mocha

9. Sula

8. Darla

7. Miranda

6. Brat

5. Bertha Beans

4. Holiday

3. Black Pearl

2. Creasy

1. Kaylee

Have you changed your opinion about Pit Bulls after reading this article? Are you ready to adopt one of them right now? If so, check the hashtag #PitBullFlowerPower on social media to find a dog for yourself.


This is my Pit Bull named Fixer, all of my friends are scared of him but he never bit anyone in his life. Pit Bulls will only attack if they feel threatened or if they were abused by their previous owner.
Comment with image on Bright Side
I'm from those people who are scared of Pit Bulls. If I see them I try to keep a distance and also never touch these dogs.

I love dogs in general but these guys seem actually dangerous to me :(

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