A Photographer Captures Real-Life Movie Locations, and We’ve Never Felt So Close to the Characters

4 years ago

Thomas Duke, an artist from London, started a project that connects the imaginary reality of movies to our ordinary and down-to-earth lives. He travels to find locations from his favorite films and, in great detail, captures them, to blur the line between real life and the cinematic world. Thomas pays a lot of attention to the angle and the perspective when taking his photos and makes us feel like these movie events could’ve truly happened in these surroundings. He’s already found more than 150 locations and it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop anytime soon.

The Bright Side team spent quite a lot of time looking for our favorite movie locations in Thomas’ photos and we’re excited to share his work with you. We hope you’ll find your favorite spot too!

The Crown

Last Christmas

Bohemian Rhapsody

Fast & Furious


Bridget Jones’s Diary

Wonder Woman

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Doctor Who

Forest Gump

Avengers: Infinity War

Home Alone

Good Omens

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb


Men In Black: International



The Devil Wears Prada

A Christmas Carol

Downton Abbey

What scene would you like to see the photographer recreate? Did you find a location from your favorite film on this list?


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